Q: What is new this year from our feedback last year?

  • There is only one application that uses logic to let us know where you want to live
  • If you are interested in both Main Campus and East Campus you only need to put pay one deposit to the location you want to live the most
  • We will be running this process in a brand new housing management system

Q: Why are Seniors given priority in East Campus?

A: Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors have priority for Main Campus Reservations because they are required to live on-campus, and do not qualify for East Campus. While we wish we could accommodate all students on Main Campus, we realize this isn’t possible with our current facilities and configuration.

Q: What does that mean?

A: Seniors are encouraged to apply for East Campus housing and will be given priority in that area before new students are assigned.

Q: Can Juniors and Seniors reserve on the Main Campus?

A: Since we understand Juniors and Seniors still may have a preference for Main Campus housing, we are allowing Junior and Seniors to choose from available spaces on TBD, after the other classes have been given the chance to participate in Reservation Days. Seniors who wish to reserve on the Main Campus are not guaranteed a space.

Q: What is Gender Inclusive Housing?

A: Gender Inclusive Housing is a housing option, which allows for students of any gender to live together in the same room, apartment or suite. This option will be available in all campus housing areas. However, there are separate assignment processes for first-year areas and upper division areas, due to the difference in how those housing assignments are completed.

Q: I will be taking classes in the Summer. Can I use the units I’ll earn to become eligible for specific housing areas?

A: No. In order to reserve in housing areas like East Campus housing, you must meet all the requirements when you select your space for the upcoming year. After you become eligible you may request a room transfer once the semester starts.

Q: I missed the deadline to apply and pay the $100.00 Reservation Deposit; can I still reserve a space for the upcoming year?

A: No. There is no late process for Reservation Days. If you miss the application period, you will need to reapply for housing as a new student. This means we will assign you based on availability. Additionally, you will lose your rate lock and are not guaranteed an assignment for Fall.

Q: I didn’t get the room type I wanted, can be added to a waitlist?

A: Although we receive cancellations throughout the summer, there usually aren’t enough to accommodate waitlist requests. There are no waitlists for room types.

Q: How do I get assigned to a space in my current assignment (East Campus Only)?

A: Complete the reservation days process by submitting your East Campus Reservation days application and paying a $100 reservation deposit by February 13, 2018. When completing the application you will be asked if you want to keep your same space. If you have already completed an East Campus Reservation days application, you will need to revisit the application to complete these questions. Student Housing & Residential Life will assign students who have indicated same space request if they have a roommate group that fills the unit.

Q: What happens if I don’t request my current space?

A: If you complete the reservation process and do not request to be assigned your current space, you will be assigned to a new space.

Q: How do I live with my current roommates in our current assignment?

A: Make sure everybody completes the above process and request and confirms each other through MyHousing. Note: only a maximum of three (3) eligible students assigned to any apartment. If you have more than three (3) students on your current license, you need to identify who are the three students are by requesting and confirming each of the three students in MyHousing.

Q: Can I have a pet in East Campus?

A: Please refer to the East Campus Student Handbook’s for the policy on pets. There is a maximum of two (2) pets per apartment, no more than 25 pounds per pet. There will still be specific guidelines on what type and size of pet you can have. If you choose to have a pet, you will need to submit a $250 pet deposit to Alliance Residential Company prior to obtaining the pet. You will need to seek approval from all residents of the apartment prior to obtaining a new pet.

Q: Do I need to submit a $250 security deposit for East Campus?

A: No. There is no longer a $250 security deposit required. You only need to pay your $100 Reservation Deposit.

Q: What if I need housing over summer?

A: As long as you are registered full time for the following fall semester of classes, you may be eligible. Once you know you will need summer housing, you need to complete a summer application, submit a deposit (if you have not already submitted one), and you will be able to stay over the summer. Summer applications will be available April 1st via MyHousing.

Q: What if I am not returning to school next fall but need summer housing?

A: Only students who are enrolled in a summer program at CSUMB or approved affiliate program will be allowed to apply for summer housing. You will need to supply proof from your academic department requiring you to stay over the summer session.

Q: Can I stay in my apartment for the summer?

A: Yes. If your fall semester assignment is for the licensed space that you currently occupy, then we encourage you to stay over summer.

Q: Is there a charge for summer?

A: Yes. You will need to pay rent during the summer. We will inform you of the summer rates as we get closer to summer.