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Exception to Policy

As a reminder, you are still responsible for your University financial obligations until a decision has been made regarding your Exception to Policy request.

How to fill out the exception to policy form

  • Read this page and at the bottom, you will find different links to access the Exception to Policy forms for your specific Exception to Policy request.
  • Fill out the form that corresponds with your request, and provide a detailed explanation as to the reason for your request in detail. Also, upload any necessary documentation that you feel will best support your request. This may include financial documentation, letters of support, transcript information, and/or legal notifications.
  • It is important to note that all submissions must be through the corresponding links at the bottom of the page.
  • Completed Exception to Policy Form (required)
  • An explanation regarding your request in detail (required)
  • Any necessary documentation to support your request
  • An email confirmation will be sent to you that your Exception to Policy Request has been received along with the timeframe of when you can expect to hear back with the decision from the Exception to Policy Committee.
  • After the committee meets and makes a decision, you will be notified via email of the committee’s decision within a week of the committee meeting. Depending on the type of request it may take longer than a standard week. If it does take longer, you will be notified. Additionally, times that the university is closed or on break may also delay these processes.

What you need to know about the exception to policy request process

  • Submitting an Exception to Policy does not mean your request will be approved.
  • All policies must be followed until the committee has sent you an email of approval for your Exception to Policy.
  • Incomplete Exception to Policy submissions will not be accepted. Failure to provide adequate rational and supporting documentation may result in the delay of your request being considered. Providing supporting documentation is highly encouraged. Which may include but are not limited to; financial documentation, letters of support, transcript information, and/or legal notifications.
  • The committee meets on the first and third week of each month.
  • This form is due on the second and fourth Thursday by 5 pm each month to be reviewed the following week.

Exception to policy requests are not used for

These have other forms or process to complete and are not to be submitted as an exception to policy

Exception to policy requests are used for

Asking for an exception to a published policy or requirement not listed above. For example (but not limited to):

  • Requesting to cancel your license agreement
  • Appealing Main Campus housing charges/fees you feel were wrongfully charged to you
  • Being under-enrolled

Special notes for common exception to policy requests

Exception to policy request inquires

  • For questions or concerns regarding the Exception to Policy process please contact the Exception to Policy Committee Chair at or by phone at 831-582-4688.
  • Please note that the committee meets the first and third of each month.
License Cancellation Request
Meal Plan Release / Modification Form

Student Housing & Residential Life

(831) 582-3378
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