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Social Work Minor

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The Social Work minor provides an interdisciplinary introduction to core knowledge and skills you will need to begin a professional career in social work, counseling or case management. It also prepares students to enter a graduate Master of Social Work program. The curriculum emphasizes entry-level practice skills, professional ethics and values, and human behavior and development.

Required Courses

Please note: Twelve of the units taken to complete a minor (6 of which are upper division) may not be used in fulfillment of other minors, concentrations, or major requirements.

Any introductory (lower-division) course in human behavior (e.g., sociology, cultural anthropology or psychology) is recommended as preparation for the Social Work minor. Examples include: PSY 100: Introduction to Psychology (3 units), SBS 101: Introduction to Anthropology (3 units), or SOC 100: Introduction to Sociology (3 units). These courses also satisfy GE Area D.

Complete all of the following courses:

Complete one of the following course combinations:

Complete one of the following courses:

Learning Outcomes

Integrated & Disciplinary Knowledge of Health & Human Services

Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental principles of and interrelationships between the health and human services' fields, organizations and systems, and develop specialized knowledge in a selected disciplinary area.

Health, Human Services & Public Policy

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