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Campus Health Center

Mission and Philosophy

The medical professionals at the CHC are committed to responsible stewardship and providing health care within the highest ethical standards. Our primary focus is to assist students in achieving their academic goals by maintaining their health, providing health education and student advocacy, and promoting self-responsibility for wellness. We strive "to focus proactively on students' health enhancing behaviors and measures that aid student learning in ways that are not limited solely to problems, symptoms, or illnesses." (Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education [CAS] p. 83, 2003)

CSUMB, through a contract with Doctors on Duty (DOD), jointly manages the CHC. DOD is a network of urgent-care clinics providing health care throughout Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties. The CHC also collaborates with a number of local and regional health resources to provide a wide range of medical services.


The Campus Health Center is a department within Health & Wellness Services (HWS) at CSU Monterey Bay.

The CHC is a member of the American College of Health Association (ACHA) and the Pacific Coast College Health Association(PCCHA) a non-profit, regional affiliate of ACHA.

The CHC contracts with Doctors on Duty to provide medical care