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Coronavirus Information

Health and safety measures

CSUMB is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our campus community and the surrounding public. We will accomplish this by providing the following University Safety Measures and supporting Personal Protective Measures.

University Safety Measures are activities and resources that CSUMB personnel will continue to maintain in order to support the health and safety of the campus community. These measures are explained below, just click on each section heading. 

  • Personal Protective Measures are actions students and employees are strongly encouraged to maintain in order to ensure your own and others health and safety. 

    • COVID-19 Vaccination
    • Other vaccinations, such as Influenza or Pneumonia
    • Perform daily self-check (monitor symptoms/temperature checks)
    • Diagnosis/Post Exposure COVID-19 Testing
    • Avoiding crowds and physical contact 
    • Wear face coverings
    • Maintain comfortable distance (3 to 6-foot distances) 
    • Thoroughly washing hands
    • Individuals may clean public work spaces before use (supplies will be available)
  • Actions that initiate On Campus Exposure Tracing

    • If an individual is tested at the CSUMB COVID-19 testing site and their rapid/antigen test results positive they will be called within the hour by a testing staff. The positive individual will be interviewed by the COVID-19 testing staff, completing the questions on the COVID-19 Positive Reporting form. Please do not submit your own positive reporting form if your test resulted positive at the CSUMB COVID-19 testing site.
    • If an individual, regardless of presently being on or off campus, is exposed to someone who is COVID-19 positive they are to submit their own COVID-19 Positive Reporting Form
    • If an individual tests negative on a rapid test and is waiting for the results of a PCR they are to submit the COVID-19 Positive Reporting Form regardless if they tested on or off campus. 
    • Anyone can submit the COVID-19 Positive Reporting Form for someone who is too ill to self-submit or have disclosed to you that they are positive and they have not submitted a report. Either inform the student or employee to submit a COVID-19 Reporting form or tell them you will do it for them. You will need to keep them on the phone until you complete the necessary information on the report.

    When a COVID-19 Positive Reporting form is submitted, an Exposure Tracing Analyst, and/or University Personnel or Corporation Human Resources will contact the positive student and/or employee. The Exposure Tracing Analyst will also contact each of the on campus close contacts who are named by the positive individual.

    The below flowchart illustrates the actions taken for each positive report submitted to the University.

    We ask that everyone please be prepared to provide as much information as necessary to stop the spread of COVID-19.


    A flowchart of CSUMB's exposure tracing and notification process


    Read the text version of the Exposure Tracing Notification Process.


    For details on Exposure Tracing, see the CSUMB COVID-19 Prevention Plan.


    Please see COVID-19 Testing webpage for the following topics:

    • Negative Test Required for Return to Campus Housing
    • Weekly Required Testing for Not Vaccinated or No Booster
    • Spring 2022 - COVID-19 Testing Information
    • COVID-19 Test Type and Process
    • 2022 Isolation and Quarantine Guidance
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Administration 

    The Campus Health Center is administering both the inital vaccination dose series and booster. Students and employees may make a vaccination or booster appointment by calling 831-582-3965.

    • Initial vaccination dose series: Pfizer (3 weeks between two dosages) and Moderna (4 weeks between two dosages) vaccines. J & J is not available at the Campus Health Center. 
    • Booster dose eligibility: 5 months from the second Pfizer or Moderna dose and 2 months after the Johnson and Johnson vaccine

    Students and employees vaccinated at the Campus Health Center must update their vaccination status in the Otter Vaccination Registry by submitting their completed vaccination record. Students and employees who are completing the initial vaccine does series, but must wait an additional two weeks (10 calendar days) following last dosage to end weekly required testing. 

    Individuals who are unvaccinated and in-progress of vaccination who test positive for COVID-19 may vaccinate at any point after the 10 day isolation period, and 24 hours after symptoms have ceased. Call your physician or the Campus Health Center to discuss your specific situation.

    FAQ regarding vaccinations

    I’ve already tested positive for COVID-19. Do I still need to get vaccinated?

    Yes, you will still need to get vaccinated. The university policy does not allow for exemptions for those who have had COVID-19, and public health officials recommend vaccination for people who have previously tested positive for COVID-19.

    What will happen to me if I am unable to get the second vaccine in time to be fully immunized (allowing for 3-4 weeks after the first shot) before I go to campus?

    This should not be a problem as ample time has been built in to allow for both shots and the two weeks following. In the rare event that an individual has not completed the vaccination process, they will be required to participate in additional public health and safety measures.

    If medical experts determine in the future that boosters are required, will the new policy also require proof of boosters?

    The COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, and the CSU will continue to review the guidance from local, state, federal and global health agencies and revise the policy as needed based on the goal of maintaining the health and well-being of all members of the campus community.

    Annual Influenza Vaccine Administration

    The annual influenza vaccine made available for free, by Monterey County Health Department, will be administered on campus every year in mid to late October. Students, employees and community members are welcome to participate in the two day flu vaccine clinic. 

  • HWS continues to support CSUMB students from a distance through telemental health, telemedicine, and Zoom/calls/emails.

    • Enrolled in Fall 2021 and need mental health support? Call the Personal Growth and Counseling Center at 831-582-3969 to inquire about a brief counseling screening appointment. After-hours support is available by calling the same PGCC number.
    • Need medical attention? Call the Campus Health Center at 831-582-3965 with any health-related questions. Students can now make a telemedicine appointment through the CHC’s online scheduling system. 
    • Need academic and personal support accommodations? Call Student Disability Resources at 831-582-3672 or email to connect with an SDR advisor. 

    HWS has also launched YOU@CSUMB — an anonymous, online well-being platform — to help students engage with a variety of resources. This is your space to check in with yourself, set goals, and explore personalized resources created specifically for you. You can create a completely confidential account with your campus credentials and begin exploring the portal today. Here are just a few of the things that YOU@CSUMB can help with immediately:

    • Tips to adjust to virtual learning
    • Coping with stress and anxiety in a changing world
    • Maintaining and growing social connections even while practicing physical distancing