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Retention Advisor: Keyiona Ritchey, / 831-582-5042


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Guardian Scholars Program
100 Campus Center
Student Services Building 47- 1st Floor
Seaside, CA  93955

Meet the student staff:

Cali Trimble, Peer Mentor

Cali Trimble

School Year: 4th Year

Major: Collaborative Health and Human Services

Hometown: Hollister, CA

Career Goals: Not sure yet, but a career where I can help others and make a difference

Hobbies or interests: Makeup and thrift shopping

Best de-stressor: Watch a funny show

Advice for new students: Don't be afraid to ask for support, there are many resources designed to help make your college experience better!

Jaqueline Martinez, Special Projects & Community Liaison

Jaqueline Martinez

School year: Third

Major: Collaborative Health and Human Services (Public Administration)

Career goals: Advise affinity or affiliation groups on college campuses, then eventually go back to school and hopefully become a Women’s Studio professor. And enjoy where the wind takes me in between

Hobbies or interests: Reading, listening to podcasts, and cooking

Best de-stressor: Get my nails done, go to the gym, clean my room

Advice for new students: I’d say trust your intuition. Be open to learn and absorb information from others and then use it to make decisions for yourself. Try not to make decisions soley based on what others think your life should be. At the end of the day, you know what’s right and what makes you happy. You’re accountable for the effects of the decisions you make, not anybody else, so trust yourself to make the right ones. There will be people along the way to help. It’s a lot of responsibility and can be frightening, but there is a freedom to it.

Guardian Scholars

(831) 582-5042