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CSUMB Faculty produced over 200 peer-reviewed publications in Academic Year 2021-2022. Please reach out to specific faculty for more information.

  • Patrick Belanger California Condors, Source Credibility, and Wildlife Conservation Messaging
      Wilderness, freedom, firearms: Sacred rhetoric at the 53rd parallel
    Danelle Burchett Adapting assessment processes to consider cultural mistrust in forensic practices: An example with the MMPI instruments
      Assessing negative response bias: A review of the noncredible overreporting scales of the MMPI-2-RF and MMPI-3
      Assessment of response bias in personality disorder research
      Differentiation between borderline and antisocial personality disorders in forensic settings
    Althea SullyCole Listening to Kora in New York City: Constructing Africa and Blackness in the U.S
    Zuri De Miguel Precision Exercise Medicine: Sex Specific Differences in Immune and CNS Responses to Physical Activity
      Exercise plasma boosts memory and dampens brain inflammation via clusterin
    Sara Salazar Hughes Greenwashing in Palestine/Israel: Settler colonialism and environmental injustice in the age of climate catastrophe
      Unbounded territoriality: Territorial control, settler colonialism, and Israel/Palestine.
      Political geographical perspectives on settler colonialism.
    Stephanie Johnson Art installation Ancestor’s Grove: A Space Journey was included in the Autumn Lights Festival at Lake Merritt
      Here are just some of the ways theater depends on ‘women’s work,’ often unpaid
      Theatrical lighting designer embraces ‘ethereal art form’
    Mridula Mascarenhas Memes as quasi-argument: An insidious threat to public debate
    Timothy Orme Fulcrum: Award winning short animation
      10 screen installation at the new Hans Christian Andersen museum
    Rebecca Pozzi Acquiring Sociolinguistic Competence During Study Abroad: U.S. Students in Buenos Aires.
      Language-specific research on second language sociolinguistics in Spanish
      Learner development of a morphosyntactic feature in Argentina: The case of vos
      Problematizing heritage language identities: HL speakers of Mexican descent studying abroad in Argentina
      Heritage Speakers of Spanish and Study Abroad
      Heritage Speakers of Spanish and Study Abroad (pp. 1-10)
      The sociopragmatic development of heritage language learners studying abroad in a non-heritage country
    Chris Pratorius Gomez My Head is Full of Colors, Opera
    Cumbia Quinceañera for Triple Wind Quintet
      Xochitl and the Flowers, Opera
      Amazing Grace, Opera
      Untogether, Not Apart, Chamber Concerto
      Claroscuro en Flor, Harp Concerto
    Contraponientes for SATB Choir and Chamber Orchestra
    Madrigal: Neruda’s Poema XX for Mezzo-soprano and Ensemble
      Being of One’s Hour, Ballet
    Sam Robinson The Library is Open: RuCapturing Narrative and Drag Race Herstory Through Remixed Episodes and Fan Dialogue
      Confronting the Comp Classroom: Implementing Anti-Racist Pedagogy and Navigating Opposition
    Christine Rosales Wearing a mask is an act of anti-racism and radical love
      “Success” in the borderlands: Measuring success for underrepresented and misrepresented college students
    Enid Ryce MexiCali Biennial
      War and the Weather
      Large-scale Paintings
      Rising Water(colors)
      A Land for War
      Histories of the MexiCali Biennial
      Painting (Permanent installation at Natividad Medical Center)
      In conversation with Luis xago Juarez
      How do we tell science stories? Critical Intersections: Conversations on History, Race, and Science.
      Introducing the Getty Foundation’s Art x Science PST
      Borderlands Environmental Research Guide
      Against Eden
    Lanier Sammons The Crack-Up and War and the Weather
      War and the Weather
      Permeable Watersheds
      Snowy Plover
      Black Rock Station
      Turntable drawing no. 16
      Bird Honesty
    Shannon Snapp “This is real, this is the way that things are”: Hooking up as a pathway for sexual identity development among LGBTQ+ youth
      School pushout: The role of supportive strategies versus punitive practices for LGBT youth of color
    Daniel Summerhill Black Joy: An Anthology of Black Boy Poems
      Our Grapes of Wrath: The Black History of Monterey County
      Confronting the Comp Classroom: Implementing Anti-Racist Pedagogy and Navigating Opposition
      Divine, Divine, Divine
      Mausoleum of Flowers
    Tolga Tezcan Religiosity Dynamics among Recently Arrived Turkish Marriage Migrants in Germany
    Angie Tran Ethnic Dissent and Empowerment: Economic Migration between Vietnam and Malaysia
      Contradictions of Multi-stakeholder Labor Relations in Vietnam
      The International Labor Organization and Vietnam’s Labor Export Policies: The Case of Vietnamese Migrant Domestic Workers in Saudi Arabia, forthcoming in The Global Labour Rights
      Rights and Labour Resistance in Vietnam
      The Kafala system and Vietnam’s domestic workers: corruption and a silenced press
      Modern-day slavery: Vietnamese women domestic workers in Saudi Arabia
    David Vila Dieguez he Movida Madrileña vs Spanish Punk Culture: Disenchantment, Hedonism and the Youth’s Political Commitment during the Spanish Transición
      Vuelta a las trincheras: El declive del estilo en la música como elemento de movilización política
      Música, politización y movilización social
      El canallita machirulo’: una aproximación a las masculinidades del rock español
      Ya no puedo vivir sin ti”
      La Rumba del Coco


  • Caleb Bernacchio Learning from MacIntyre, MacIntyre and Political Philosophy
    Linda Glenn Ethics for a New Humanity: Saving Our Planet and Ourselves
    Jorge Hurtarte Next Generation 5G Networks
    Jennifer Kuan Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policy and the Economy
      Oxford Research Encyclopedia, Open Innovation
    Jenny Lin Consumer Culture Theory in Asia: History and Contemporary Issues
    Angeline Nariswari Edward Elgar Encyclopedia of Service Studies, Service-Dominant Logic
    Karlee Posteher Encyclopedia of Sport Management, Student-Athlete
      Encyclopedia of Sport Management, Recruiting
      Sport and the pandemic: Perspectives on Covid-19's impact on the sport industry
    Rosalyn Sandoval Developing Cultural Competence and Civic Responsibility through Service-Learning
    Marylou Shockley Sustainable Dentistry
    Heiko Wieland Handbook of Research on Sales, An Exploration of Sales Activities from a Service Ecosystems Perspective
  • Cathi Draper Rodriguez School success for at-risk students: A culturally responsive tiered approach
      School psychologists and the opportunities and challenges of serving dual language and English earners: An introduction to the special issue
      White paper: The provision of school psychological services to dual language learners
      A meta-analysis of mobile technology supporting individuals with disabilities
    Ondine Gage Building Meta-CulturalAwareness
      Language awareness: A personal and pedagogical practice
      Building Meta-Cultural Awareness
      Legitimate codes of exchange: Gaining awareness of transnational inquiry of language awareness
      Language awareness: A personal and pedagogical practice
      Urgently needed: A praxis of language awareness among pre-service primary teachers
      Engaging Faculty in Assessment of Institutional Learning Outcomes
    Suzanne Garcia-Mateus Ruptures of Possibilities: Mexican Origin Mothers as Critical Translanguaging Pedagogues
      Gentrification and bilingual education: A Texas TWBE school across seven years
      Vitamina C for Cultura
      Vitamina T for Tacos
      Latinx Parents Raising Bilingual Children: An Exploration of the Monolingual Norm and Translanguaging in Family Language Practices
      Interrogating our Interpretations and Positionalities: Latinx Researchers as Scholar Activists in Solidarity with Our Communities
      An Experienced Latina Bilingual Teacher and PreK Latinx Students in the Borderlands: Translanguaging Pedagogy as Humanizing Pedagogy
      A Critical Perspective on the Educational Labeling of Multilingual Students in the United States
    Josh Harrower Understanding the environmental determinants of problem behaviors
    Elisabeth Kim Using it to our advantage in a way it was not designed to be
      It's powerful. There's nothing punitive about it; you're just listening
      Equity in Secondary Career and Technical Education in the United States: A Theoretical Framework and Systematic Literature Review
    Tara Kulkarni Externalizing Behavior Problems and Low Academic Achievement: Much Ado about Nothing?
      A call to action for school psychology to address COVID-19 health disparities and advance social justice.
      Externalizing Behavior Problems and Low Academic Achievement: Does a Causal Relation Exist?
      DisCrit theory: Emotional and behavioral disturbance assessment and identification. In S. L. Proctor & Rivera, D. P. (Eds.), Critical theories for school-based practice: A foundation for equity and inclusion in practice and supervision.
      Quantitative Research as a Tool for Social Justice.
    Scott Waltz Tutor Training for Service Learning: Impact on Self-Efficacy Beliefs
      Service Learning: School-Partner Realities
    Rob Weisskirch The Impact of Death and Dying Education for Undergraduate Students during the Covid-19 Pandemic. OMEGA
      Experiences of discrimination and language brokering: Exploring risks and protective factors
      How Empathy Relates to Language Brokering
    Joanna Wong Gateway moments to literate identities
      Developing as an agentive bilingual teacher: Self-reflexive and student learning inquiry as teacher education resources
      Affordances of Critical Asset-Focused Teacher Inquiry: Discoveries, Challenges, and Shifts toward Culturally Sustaining Writing Pedagogy
      Preservice Teachers’ Conceptions about How Children’s Literature May Be Culturally Sustaining for Their Students
      Centering Critical Consciousness and Translanguaging in Mandarin/English Dual Language Bilingual Education Programs
      Using Contrasting Cases to Foster Preservice Teacher Noticing around Valuing Student Language and Ideas
      Teacher Inquiry as Dialogic Process Towards Expansive Writing Pedagogy in Restrictive Elementary Education Contexts for Emergent Bilingual Students
      A Critical Perspective on the Educational Labeling of Multilingual Students in the United States
      Centering Translanguaging and Critical Consciousness in Chinese/English Dual Language Bilingual Education Programs
  • Kent Adams The Relationship Between Partial and Full Range of Motion Deadlift 1-Repetition Maximum: A Technical Note
      Allometrically Scaled Grip Strength and the Mature Adult: Brief Report III
      Prevalence of hyperglycemia in masters athletes
      The Time Management Matrix Re-Tooled: An Instrument for Academics Navigating the Tenure Process
      Tactical Masters Athletes: BMI Index Classifications
      The relationship between physical fitness and combat fitness in United States Marines: A brief report
    George Beckham Isometric Analyzer 1.0 [Computer Software]
      Plyometric Training. Advanced Strength and Conditioning: An Evidence Based Approach
    Maria Bellumori Measures of motor segmentation from rapid isometric force pulses are reliable and differentiate Parkinson’s disease from age-related slowing
    Candra Carr Comparing the Effectiveness of Virtual and In-Person Delivery of Mindfulness-Based Skills Within Healthcare Curriculums
      Wellness in Physician Assistant Education: Exploring Mindfulness, Well-Being, and Stress
    Lisa Leininger A model of iterative assessment practice
      Evaluating students’ perceived stress, sleep quality, and physical activity in Exercise is Medicine on Campus student-led health consultation program
      Effectiveness of an Exercise is Medicine-On Campus® Virtual Program on Perceived Stress Levels of Faculty and Staff
      Evaluation of physical activity participation, self-Efficacy, and outcome expectancy for employees participating in Exercise is Medicine on Campus programs
    Vanessa Lopez-Littleton Racial trauma: Dismantling anti-Black racism in classrooms and academia.
      ADORE: A framework for community building to dismantle anti-Black racism in academia.
      Coming to terms: Dismantling systemic racism and (the myth of) white supremacy.
      The National Conference on Health Disparities Student Research Forum
      I Am Not Your Negro movie review: Critical reflection and discourse to advance social equity,
    Eric Martin Impact of Instructor Generated Guided Reading Questions for University Textbooks on Learning
      Changes in University Club Athletes’ and Non-Athlete Students’ Stress and Perceived Gains Across a Semester
      Perceived benefits of participating in an undergraduate strength and conditioning internship
    Ignacio Navarro Strength-Based Case management
      Effects of Length and Predictability of Poverty Spells on Probability of Subsequent Substantiated Allegations of Child Maltreatment
    Karen Rotabi Child maltreatment and protection in Arab Gulf Cooperation Council countries: A scoping review
      Social work codes of ethics in the Arab-Muslim world: A comparison to the IFSW Code of Ethics
      Intercountry adoption swimming against the tide: Restitution in Samoa
      Social work in health emergencies: Global perspectives
    Trish Sevene Allometrically Scaled Grip Strength and the Mature Adult: Brief Report III
      Prevalence of hyperglycemia in masters athletes
      The Time Management Matrix Re-Tooled: An Instrument for Academics Navigating the Tenure Process
    Lisa Stewart Parenting a child with special health care needs and the impact of family and community support on parental employment among immigrants in the U.S. Journal of Family Issues.
      Employed Parents of Children with Typical and Exceptional Care Responsibilities: Family Demands and Workplace Supports. Journal of Child and Family Studies.
      Supporting Sleep and Health of Employed Parents with Typical and Exceptional Care Demands. Journal of Social Service Research
    Justin Wolfe Using the Health Belief Model to improve influenza vaccination rates


  • Liz Alter Environmental DNA metabarcoding is a promising method for assaying fish diversity in cenotes of the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico
      Riverscape genomics of cichlid fishes in the lower Congo: Uncovering mechanisms of diversification in an extreme hydrological regime.
      Using environmental DNA to detect whales and dolphins in the New York Bight
      Fishomics: Genetics, Genomics and Transcriptomics of Fishes
      The virus evolves: four public health priorities for reducing the evolutionary potential of SARS-CoV-2
      Two new Phenacogrammus (Characoidei; Alestidae) from the Ndzaa River (Mfimi-Lukenie basin) of central Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo
      Fishes of the Mfimi River in the central Congo basin of the Democratic Republic of Congo
      Evolution in the fast lane: diversity, ecology, and speciation of cichlids in the lower Congo River
    Robert Burton Photovoltaic solar farms in California: can we have renewable electricity and our species, too?
    Judith Canner Visualizing the Virus
      Teaching Courses Focused on Social Good
    Jennifer Clickenbeard A comparison of American student and faculty experiences in mathematics courses during the COVID-19 pandemic
      Experiences of College Mathematics Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Brief Report.
      Academic Outcomes and Experiences of Undergraduate Students Majoring in Mathematics During the COVID-19 Pandemic
      Academic Outcomes and Experiences of Freshman Students in Mathematics Courses During the COVID-19 Pandemic
      Mathematics faculty experiences teaching virtual courses during the COVID-19 pandemic
    Victoria Derr Re-awakening bio-cultural memory: Reflections on engaging diverse middle schoolers in the transformation of their school grounds
      Children’s Participation in Planning
      Applied Environmental Science Field Adventures: Sensory Walk, Garrapata State Park
    Jenny Duggan Observations on the year-round communal use of an artificial structure by Northern Pacific rattlesnakes (Crotalus oreganus oreganus) in coastal Central California
      Squirreling from afar: Adapting Squirrel-Net modules for remote teaching and learning
    JP Dundore-Arias Deciphering the Microbiome: Integrating Theory, New Technologies, and Inclusive Science
      Microbiome Metadata Standards: Report of the National Microbiome Data Collaborative’s Workshop and follow-on activities
      Removing Systemic Barriers to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Report of the 2019 Plant Science Research Network workshop “Inclusivity in the Plant Sciences”
      Potato Nitrogen Response and Soil Microbial Activity as Affected by Fumigation
    Daniel Fernandez Early Night Fog Prediction Using Liquid Water Content Measurement in the Monterey Bay Area
    Corey Garza Rethinking committee work in the research enterprise: The case of regenerative gatekeeping
      Boundary spanning leadership in community-centered geoscience research
      Using Unoccupied Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to map and monitor changes in emergent kelp canopy after an ecological regime shift
      Charting a course to a Just, Equitable, Diverse and Inclusive (JEDI) future
      Diversifying the ocean sciences: Thoughts on the challenge ahead
      A socio- ecological imperative for broadening participation in coastal and estuarine research and management
      Equitable Exchange: A framework for diversity and inclusion in the geosciences. AGU Advances
      Center for Coastal and Marine Ecosystems
      Drones help monitor restoration of Elkhorn Slough wetlands
    Thomas Horvath Global soil organic carbon–climate interactions: Why scales matter
      New uses for old tools: Reviving Holdridge Life Zones in soil carbon persistence research
    Arun Jani Fertilization management with sewage sludge sustains Eucalyptus productivity in Cerrado infertile soil
      Tolerance and Adaptability of Tomato Genotypes to Saline Irrigation
    Cheryl Logan Upwelling level acidification and pH/pCO2 variability moderate effects of ocean acidification on brain gene expression in the temperate surfperch, Embiotoca jacksoni
      From polyps to pixels: understanding coral reef resilience to local and global change across scales
      Forecasting Climate Sanctuaries for Securing the Future of Coral Reefs
      Chapter 3: Oceans and Coastal Ecosystems and their Services, In: Climate Change
      Variation in coral thermotolerance across a pollution gradient erodes as coral symbionts shift to more heat-tolerant genera
      Quantifying global potential for coral evolutionary response to climate change
    Sam Ogden Many Models at the Edge: Scaling Deep Inference via Model-Level Caching
    Lee Ritscher Rape and Dating Violence
    Doug Smith Influence of a Post-dam Sediment Pulse and Post-fire Debris Flows on Steelhead Spawning Gravel in the Carmel River, California
    Fred Watson Predation strongly limits demography of a keystone migratory herbivore in a recovering transfrontier ecosystem
      Sizing an open-channel woodchip bioreactor to treat nitrate from agricultural tile drainage and achieve water quality targets
    Suzanne Worcester A Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) in Biology: Developing Systems Thinking through Field Experiences in Restoration Ecology


  • Sarah Dahlen Measuring the transfer experience: Assessing and improving information literacy skills for transfer students and first-year registrants
    Stephen Fadel Introducing and promoting Love Data Week
      Designing a business faculty LibGuide
  • Natasha Oehlman Write it down to up the impact: authentic and reflective writing to maximize the impact of undergraduate research.
      You're invited to the Rejection Party" and other strategies for normalizing rejection and failure as part of the research process. Confronting Failure: Approaches to Building Confidence and Resilience in Undergraduate Researchers
      Creating more inclusive research environments for undergraduates
      Using Propensity Score Matching to Assess High Impact Practices (HIPs) outcomes
      An examination of inclusivity and support for diversity in STEM Fields.
    John Banks Insect diversity and abundance measured two decades after farmland conversion to forest using different human-assisted restoration strategies in Gede, Kenya
      Toxicity of chlorantraniliprole and it’s formulated product, Altacor®, to individuals and populations of Ceriodaphnia dubia Richard.
      A tale of two metrics: The EPA risk quotient approach versus the delay in population growth index for determination of pesticide risk to aquatic species.


  • College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

    • Dr. Danielle Burchett - Psychology
    • Ms. Meghan O'Hara - Cinematic Arts and Technology
    • Dr. Sam Robinson - Humanities and Communication
    • Ms. Enid Ryce - Cinematic Arts and Technology
    • Dr. Yoshiko Saito-Abbott - World Languages & Cultures
    • Dr. Lanier Sammons - Music & Performing Arts
    • Dr. Umi Vaughn - Humanities and Communication

    College of Business

    • Dr. Brad Barbeau - School of Business

    College of Education

    • Dr. Cathi Draper Rodriguez - Education and Leadership
    • Dr. Dennis Kombe - Education and Leadership
    • Dr. Erin Ramirez - Education and Leadership
    • Ms. Megan Sulsberger - Education and Leadership

    College of Health Sciences and Human Services

    • Dr. Julie Altman - Social Work
    • Dr. Valerie Berry - Physician Assistant
    • Dr. Amy Bullas - Social Work
    • Dr. Christopher Forest - Physician Assistant
    • Dr. Maria Gurrola - Social Work
    • Dr. Kim Judson - Health, Human Services, and Public Policy
    • Dr. Vanessa Lopez-Littleton - Health, Human Services, and Public Policy
    • Dr. Kai Martinez - Social Work
    • Dr. Ignacio Navarro - Health, Human Services, and Public Policy
    • Dr. Renie Rondon-Jackson - Social Work

    College of Science

    • Dr. Susan Alexander - Applied Environmental Science
    • Dr. Liz Alter - Biology & Chemistry
    • Dr. Young Joon Byun - Computing & Design
    • Dr. Judith Canner - Math & Statistics
    • Dr. Lipika Deka - Math & Statistics
    • Dr. Jennifer Duggan - Applied Environmental Science
    • Dr. Jose Pablo Dundore-Arias - Biology and Chemistry
    • Dr. Dan Fernandez - Applied Environmental Science
    • Dr. Corey Garza - Marine Science
    • Dr. Arlene Haffa - Biology and Chemistry
    • Dr. Alison Haupt - Associate Professor, Marine Science
    • Dr. Tomas Horvath - College of Science
    • Dr. Hongde Hu - Math & Statistics
    • Dr. Meagan Hynes - Biology & Chemistry
    • Dr. Arun Jani - Biology & Chemistry
    • Lee Johnson - Applied Environmental Science
    • Dr. Nathanial Jue - Biology and Chemistry
    • Dr. Andrew Lawson - Dean
    • Dr. Joanne Lieberman - Math & Statistics
    • Ms. Laura Lee Lienk - Applied Environmental Science
    • Dr. James Lindholm - Marine Science
    • Dr. Cheryl Logan - Marine Science
    • Dr. Alison Lynch - Math & Statistics
    • Mr. Forrest Melton - Applied Environmental Science
    • Dr. Sathya Narayanan - Computing & Design
    • Dr. Sherry Palacios - Marine Science
    • Dr. Corin Slown - Biology and Chemistry
    • Dr. Doug Smith - Applied Environmental Science
    • Dr. Aparna Sreenivasan - Biology and Chemistry
    • Dr. Alana Unfried - Math & Statistics
    • Dr. Fred Watson - Applied Environmental Science

    Extended Education

    • Ms. Claudia Carter - Associate Dean
    • Ms. Amy Marie Danowitz - 

    University College

    • Dr. Sharon Anderson - Advising
    • Dr. Nelson Graff - Communication Across Disciplines
    • Dr. Christine Hernandez - Service Learning
    • Dr. Mercadal Evans - Advising

    Office of Graduate Studies & Research

    • Dr. John Banks - UROC
    • Dr. Krista Kamer - COAST

    Student Affairs

    • Dr. Kim Barber - PreCollege Programs
    • Ms. Clementina Macias - Enrollment Management
    • Ms. Joanne Snawder-Manzo - Student Life
    • Dr. Leslie Williams - Dean of Students