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Rod & Sue Dewar: Supporting Research Opportunities

Image of Rod and Sue Dewar

CSUMB students can intern with NASA, do social work in underprivileged neighborhoods or labor on a ship miles off the coast. They have research experiences with institutions such as Caltech, Hopkins Marine Station and Rutgers University. It’s all possible thanks to the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center (UROC) and supporters like Rod and Sue Dewar.

The Dewars recently made a planned gift to CSUMB to support programs like UROC. Rod Dewar, a Monterey attorney, said the program can be a life-changing event for students. “It’s practical study versus classroom activity; working with experts in the student’s chosen field at off-campus locations,” he said.

“UROC exposes students to incredible opportunities not usually afforded to undergraduates – a concentrated activity leading to a contribution to knowledge rather than just absorbing it.”

Students can then demonstrate how their research addresses real world issues said Sue Dewar, who also actively supports scholarships for re-entry students as a member of the Women’s Leadership Council. “I saw a student presentation at the UROC offices and it was impressive,” she said.

Sue commended CSUMB University Advancement for its professionalism and introducing them to UROC and other aspects of campus life. She encouraged other community members to get involved.

Rod and Sue have been supporters of CSUMB for nearly a decade. For more information on UROC, visit


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