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Grant Submission Timeline

The Corporate and Foundations Relations Office (CFR) is responsible for submitting private corporate and foundation proposals on behalf of CSUMB. Proposals submitted within the recommended timeline below helps ensure they are submitted on time and with adequate administrative review. Providing insufficient time for ample review may result in last-minute corrections and compliance issues that may lead to a less-than-competitive proposal.

Although there may be circumstances which delay proposal preparation, CFR cannot assure the successful, on-time submission of any proposal submitted after the deadlines provided below. Please note - even when proposals are submitted within this timeline it does not guarantee submission since there may be issues within the proposal that need to be addressed. We will work with you as much as possible to see your proposal get submitted.

Deadline Action Item
As soon as a decision is made to pursue a grant opportunity,but no later than four (4) weeks prior to sponsor deadlineCFR contacts the Principle Investigator (PI) about guidelines, RFP or invitation to submit a proposal; internal Blue Sheet routing begins
Ten (10) business days prior to sponsor deadlinePI/Sponsored Programs Office draft initial budget; PI/CFR review draft narrative
Seven (7) business days prior to sponsor deadlinePI submits to CFR near-final narrative, budget, CI Form 700-U, and Blue Sheet signed by PI & Dean
Five (5) business days prior to sponsor deadlinePI submits final proposal narrative/project description
Two (2) business days prior to sponsor deadlineInternal Blue Sheet routing is complete and CFR uploads all required documents for proposal submission

Note: As per Provost, all Grant Proposal Routing Forms (Blue Sheets) started less than five (5) business days prior to sponsor deadline will not be approved for submission.


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