Work Order Priorities

The Facilities Department will determine the priority of all work orders submitted based upon available resources and the needs of the University. The Supervisor will assign work orders to technicians using the below established priorities and crew assignments.

Priority 1-Emergency

Fire, health or safety items that demand immediate response to protect and save property and lives; should be completed the same day.

  • exterior doors that will not close or lock securely
  • electrical sparks, smoke
  • downed electrical lines
  • broken water or gas lines
  • toilets overflowing
  • person trapped in elevator

Priority 2-Urgent

Items that require a response as soon as possible (a few hours), to restore systems to normal operations to protect property or to prevent disruption to educational activities; should be completed in within 24 hours or less.

  • lights out in a large area or where other lights do not cover
  • HVAC temperature adjustments
  • toilets/urinals running constantly or clogged
  • elevator repairs
  • ADA compliance issues, e.g. inoperative door opener

Priority 3-Routine

Other work that can be handled on a routine planned and scheduled basis. Advance notice from the customer is required to allow scheduling of personnel and receipt of materials; completed in 20 days or less depending on workload.

  • painting
  • hanging decorations / whiteboards
  • furniture/office/surplus property moves
  • set up for special events
  • cracked glass replacement