Vehicle Access Policy

Over the past few years, the level of vehicular traffic in and around the campus has increased significantly. Combined with growing pedestrian traffic in the Main Quad and ongoing campus construction activities, it has become necessary to exercise more control over traffic, and the areas which can and cannot be utilized by motorized vehicles. This is primarily a safety issue.

The following procedures have been implemented effective February 1, 2008 :

No motorized vehicles (including golf carts) may travel or park on sidewalks, grass, or landscaped areas throughout the campus. All deliveries shall be made to campus facilities utilizing parking in adjacent parking lots. If necessary, parking spaces allocated for "Service Vehicles Only" will be increased to accommodate delivery requirements.The Main Quad and the front Plaza of the Chapman Science Building are the primary areas on campus to be impacted. In order to increase safety for pedestrians and prevent damage to landscaping, lawns and sprinkler systems, the following restrictions are necessary. There will be no "routine" vehicle access in/on the Main Quad and Plaza sidewalks, grass and landscaped areas. Exceptions will be granted for the following instances:

  • Emergency situations.
  • Heavy or bulky deliveries where no other access is available.
  • Special campus events that require extensive set up and removal.
  • A special permit is required for these activities and will be issued in advance by Facilities Services and Operations for each instance. Please call ext. 3700 to request a permit. Care must be taken by drivers to minimize damage to sidewalks and landscaping.
  • Bollards to restrict vehicle access will be installed and kept locked. They will be unlocked only for the exceptions described in (2B) above. The University Police Department will monitor and cite non-permitted or inappropriately parked vehicles. If access is granted by Facilities Services and Operations, permitted vehicles shall display the special permit at all times.
  • To ensure that adequate parking is available for service-permitted vehicles, "Service Vehicle Only" spaces must be used ONLY by those personnel actively performing a service function. No parking of service-permitted vehicles will be allowed in these designated parking stalls at a permit holder's normal place of work/business.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.

Procedure for requesting access permits to restricted areas:

  • Determine if there is another way to provide the service without accessing the restricted areas.
  • Get your supervisors permission to secure a permit.
  • Call 3700 and request a permit.

Please inform the person at Facilities Services and Operations of:

  • Location of your needed permit
  • Reason for travelling in the restricted area
  • Name

The person at Facilities Services and Operations will prepare the permit and leave it at the front desk of the Facilities Services and Operations Building (Corner of 8th ave. and Butler). The permit must be displayed on the vehicle while inside the restricted area.

If it is necessary to unlock bollards the Facilities Services and Operations Help desk (ext. 3700) will dispatch someone to unlock the area.