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Together we can advance the University in recognizing the distinctive history and cultural heritage that the soldiers, families, and civilians of Fort Ord gave to the region, state, and nation. Be a part of our effort to help maintain our history and support student scholarships.

From cavalry units at the beginning of the century through several decades as a training center, and through the development of the Light Fighter division of the 1980's, hundreds of thousands of veterans and government civilians lived, trained and worked at Fort Ord, California. Members of the Fort Ord Alumni Association share an interest in preserving the history and cultural contributions of Fort Ord while advancing California State University, Monterey Bay, founded on 1,365 acres of what was once Ford Ord.

The majority of Fort Ord was built in the 1940’s to train soldiers for WWII, although various forms of a military post go back much earlier. During WWII over 50,000 soldiers received their basic training at Fort Ord, training which continued for the soldiers of the Vietnam War. Basic training lasted about 8-10 weeks and was done before additional advanced training, AIT. Fort Ord was one of the Army’s major West Coast training facilities, by the time the base was shut down in 1994 over a million men trained at Fort Ord.

On June 1, 1996, California State University Monterey Bay took a unique step forward in creating a new kind of university-veteran relationship with the initiation of the Fort Ord Alumni Association. Developing on the Fort Ord veteran's desire to "turn swords into plowshares" the association involves its members in the advancement of the university, with a strong emphasis on student scholarships.

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