Questica Budget Project


Work Groups

Thank you to all who have volunteered for one (or more) of the work groups. Your input is invaluable to the success of the project.

The charge for each work group is to document the current process, identify needs and document how Questica will meet those needs.

Thank you to Jenny Hallett for providing administrative support for all of the work groups.

Reporting Group

  • Yolanda Anglin - Lead
  • Laurie Dixon - Co-Lead
  • Hayley Azevedo
  • Luisa Dizon
  • Andrew Patronik
  • Yolanda Perez
  • Bobby Quiñonez
  • Gina Reynoso

One Time and Base Budget Group

  • Laurie Dixon - Lead
  • Yolanda Anglin - Co-Lead
  • Natasha Harbert
  • April Lee
  • Christine Shaw

Position Management Group

  • Bob Cubillas - Lead
  • Ralph Sirtak - Co-Lead
  • Brian Rice
  • Stacy Skibinski
  • Brenda Thompson
  • Christy Underwood

Communications Group

  • Susan McFarlane - Lead
  • Kim Young - Co-Lead
  • Lynn Downey
  • Denise Wineglass
  • LaTanya Wilson
  • Vivian Waldrup-Patterson


Work group meetings begin the week of November 12.

Work Group Findings

Project Info

  • Major Milestones
    • Openbook 8/31/19 - COMPLETE
    • Operations Module Implemented - COMPLETE
    • Salary Module Implemented - COMPLETE
    • Integrations Implemented - In Progress
    • System Available to Budget
    • Training

Project Managers

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Executive Sponsor

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