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Business under Shelter-at-Home


Updated: 5/27/2020 - All of your questions are answered on the FAQ Document. Check back frequently, this is a living document updated as needed for the duration of the shelter-at-home status. If you don't see an answer to your question, please email Steve Mackey with your question.

FYE Memo and Site

Please visit the FYE webpage for the FYE memo and other important information.

Paycheck pickup hours

Please note new paycheck pickup hours 11:00 - 1:00PM on paydays. Please contact payroll services for further information.

New Home Delivery, Personal Reimbursement and ProCard Process

Updated memo explaining details. Updated on 4/15/2020

ad hoc digital signatures - DocuSign

2-min video on using DocuSign to route any document for digital signature.

BOF meeting 4-2-2020

slides are available to download

e-Signature Exception Acceptance

To enable our non-essential managers and staff to work remotely until campus returns to normal operations, the accounting office is temporarily allowing e- or digital signatures in lieu of wet signatures for approvals. This can be an email, stating “approved”, a document signed via DocuSign, or an adobe signature (picture of a signature) by the appropriate authorized signer. This will remain in place until the campus returns to normal operations. Contact Debbie Martin for questions

Updated 20/21 Budget Timeline

The budget office has published an updated timeline for budget development. Visit the budget webpage for more info. Contact Yolanda Anglin


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(831) 582-4430