Extended Education and International Programs

Global Engagement

Vidyalankar School of Information Technology

California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) is proud to partner with Vidyalankar School of Information Technology (VSIT) to prepare the international technology leaders of tomorrow. Vidyalankar Dyanapeeth Trust's Vidyalankar School of Information Technology is affiliated to University of Mumbai and started its Operation in the year 2002. VSIT is accredited by NAAC and is situated in the center of Mumbai on a spacious 11-acre campus.

Vidyalankar School of Information Technology hosts bachelor's degree programs in Information Technology , Management and Commerce . VSIT also runs masters degree program in Information Technology and offers Doctoral Program In Economics.

Led by visionary management, Vidyalankar has developed 2+2 pathway programs with top class institutes abroad to offer students the best of both education systems.

Inside photo of one of the academic buildings at VSIT

Transfer Coursework

Some courses taken at VSIT can be transferred to CSUMB and coordinate with specific CSUMB courses. See the lists of transferrable coursework below.

  • VSIT Course Units CSUMB Course Equivalent
    VSIT 101 Professional Communication Skills 3 GE A3
    VSIT LING 10 Introduction to Language 3 GE C2
    Differential Calculus I* 4 GE B4- MATH 150*
    VSIT COMM 3 Fundamentals of Public Communication 3 GE A1
    VSIT BIOL 10 Life Science (w/ lab) 3 GE B2
    VSIT PHYS 4A/4AL Mech & Wave Motion (w/lab) 4 GE B1 + B3
    VSIT ENGL 10 Accelerated Academic Literacy 3 GE A2
    VSIT HIST 12 U.S. History 1865 to Present 3 GE D1
    VSIT PLSI 2 American Government & Institutions 3 GE D2
    VSIT ECON 40 Microeconomics 3 GE D1
    VSIT ENG 43 Fiction Writing 3 GE C1
  • VSIT Course Units CSUMB Course Equivalent
    Differential Calculus 2 4 MATH 151: Calculus II
    VSIT 105 Introduction to C++ Programming 4 CST 231: Problem Solving & Programming
    VSIT 403 Java and Data Structures 4 CST 238: Intro to Data Structures
    VSIT 301 Logic and Discrete Mathematics 4 MATH 170: Discrete Math
    VSIT 305 Modern Operating Systems 3 CST 344: Operating Systems
    VSIT Database Management Systems 3 CST 363: Intro to Database Systems - must have both
    VSIT 303 Advanced SQL 3 VSIT 204 & VSIT 303 to articulate as CST 363
    VSIT 201 Web Technology 3 CST 336: Internet Programming
    VSIT 401 Software Engineering 3 CST 438: Software Engineering

Total Units and Dual Requirement Courses

The VSIT transfer program offers a total of 66 units that can articulate to CSUMB courses. CSUMB will provide each student with a list of remaining degree requirements at the time of transfer.

* NOTE: Some courses are double counted as fulfilling both GE and Major requirements . Those courses are indicated with an asterisk above. Transfer units not applied to fulfill GE requirements shall be counted as Elective or Major units.