Summer Bridge

Summer Bridge gives new EOP students a head start on their college experience at CSUMB.

Students participate in programming with intensive academic and life skill building activities. Students develop writing, math, and study skills to help meet CSUMB's writing and math competency requirements.

Plus, students get a chance to familiarize themselves with the university and start making friends. They meet students with similar backgrounds from throughout California and participate in social activities.

"Being part of EOP has made my college career easier because I met so many people through Summer Bridge. We are like a family and help each other out with our classes."
Cristina Giron, EOP student

Free and mandatory

Summer Bridge participation is mandatory for all EOP first year students (not transfers) and there is no cost to the student. Housing and meals are paid in full by EOP during Summer Bridge.


To Be Determined

More details

Today's Summer Bridge model combines an academic component with our classic bridge program model that brings numerous team building activities and workshop presentations to facilitate the transition from high school to college.

** MANDATORY for all new EOP First Time Freshman students.**


Remediation Support

Early Start

Team-building activities


Housing experience

Free of cost

"While in Summer Bridge, I met so many great people, who are still my friends today, three years later. It was also a great leadership experience, as well as learning true teamwork. This program really helped the transition in to college."
-Caitlin Forrey