Educational Opportunity Program

The Summer Bridge program was redesigned from a six week long program to a shorter, more intense four to six day program focused on community building, campus resource familiarization, and academic skill preparation. More programming was then held throughout the academic year for EOP students with the two EOP advisors and additional peer mentors.

Students in Summer Bridge 2006

The first orientation for incoming EOP transfer students were held. It was a mandatory two hour event held prior to the start of the semester. This continued for every semester that transfer students were admitted, including spring semesters.


A welcome back event for second year EOP students was incorporated into the program and has evolved and remains a part of EOP today. A resource guide was created specifically for transfer students and distributed to them at the transfer orientation.


A foster Youth support program started under EOP. The CSUMB President's Advisory Council formed. This senior EOP advisor coordinated the program for former foster youth, including programming, and mentoring. CSUMB Foster Youth Day started. For the first time local tri-county area foster youth visited the campus for innovative activity based information about preparing and succeeding in college. This included the "A to G Olympics". CSUMB Foster Youth Day ran annually from 2010 to 2014.

Former Foster Youth Meet for first time

EOP Summer Bridge target numbers expanded to 110 students. The orientation was expanded to three hours and the resource guide was expanded to four pages.

Summer Bridge 2011

The foster youth support program was named the Compass program. A very small budget was approved. A compass peer mentor was hired to support students. Compass collaborated with campus Wellness Services who ran a faculty/staff mentor program for students with a foster youth background. A small scholarship for former foster youth students was created from the "Have a Heart" fundraising by the Financial Aid Office. A Compass club was created for former foster youth students and allies.

President Ochoa, Provost Irwin, Vice President Higgs and peers support students.

Summer Bridge target was expanded to 125 students and the event was extended another day and a half. The transfer orientation was reorganized and expanded to full day program with speakers from across key departments. It was renamed the EOP Transfer Bridge from this point forward.


The target number for Summer Bridge grew to 150.

Summer Bridge students enjoying team building.

Advisor was hired in EOP specifically for former foster youth students. A grant was obtained for some additional programming and the program was renamed Guardian Scholars.

Former Foster youth advocating and appreciation their support with blue ribbons.

There was a shift in EOP back toward a longer Summer Bridge format of six weeks with two academic credit bearing course components. Summer Bridge was EOP only, and 40 students who needed remediation attend for all six weeks and lived on campus, and they were then joined by a cohort of 100 students for the last two weeks.


EOP Summer Bridge went back to one cohort of 40 students who attended a four week session which included one academic credit bearing course component. An EOP student club was created for the first time at CSUMB. We have graduated over 1,200 students since EOP's inception.

EOP Summer Bridge students spelling out EOP.


EOP held its first-ever Virtual Summer Bridge and Transfer Bridge due to the Coronavirus Disease-2019 pandemic. A total of 110 students participated in the virtual bridge experience.