Student Employees

State student assistant employees use CMS Student/HR to enter all hours worked and print a monthly pay voucher. For further assistance, please contact your department timekeeper or send an email to

Click here for information about entering time for Corporation employees.

All student assistant employees must complete the Information Security Awareness Training prior to being granted access to the time reporting function.

Student Assistant Job Aids

Student Assistant Enter Time & Print Voucher

Student Time Adjustment Report

Log in with user ID and password

  • Log into Dashboard with CSUMB username and password.
  • Go to Main Menu, Employee Resources, Tools & Databases, CMS Human Resources, click on the green "Log into CMS Human Resources" button.
  • No additional ID or password is required to access your CMS account.

Setup prior to entering hours worked

  • Use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer as browser (recommended). Mac users can also use Firefox and Safari.
  • Turn off popup blockers (IE > Tools > Popup Blocker).
  • Delete cached temporary internet files (IE > Tools > Internet Options > Delete Cookies, Delete Files, etc.)
  • Setup Internet Explorer to accept Cookies. (IE > Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Settings > Low.)

Enter hours worked

  • From the main menu, select MB Employee Self Service > Timesheet.
  • Enter the hours worked for each day you worked.
  • Enter your hours in 12-hour format with a for AM and p for PM (i.e. for 1:00 pm type 1:00p), or in24-hour format (i.e. for 1:00 pm type 1300).
  • If you did not take a break, use only the In and Out (_first_ and _last_) fields in the row.
  • Click the Submit button to submit your time so your department Timekeeper can approve it.
  • At the end of the month print your Voucher and give it to your department Timekeeper for approval.
  • All Time must be approved by the Timekeeper within 5 business days after the last day of the pay period.

Troubleshooting timesheet access problems

  • Only State-side student assistants use CMS Student/HR to enter their time worked. SA's who are employed by the Corporation at Monterey Bay (Corporation) do not use CMS Student/HR system to enter their hours worked.
  • Every student has a CMS Student/HR account to register for classes. After their hiring paperwork (SEAF) is received and processed by Payroll, an SA's account is updated to include access to the time reporting function.
  • If you do not have access to the time reporting function in CMS Student/HR verify with your department that a SEAF has been completed and submitted to the Payroll Office. Your departmental timekeeper can contact their Payroll Office technician to see if the SEAF has been processed by Payroll.
  • You must also have gone to the Campus Service Center to complete your hiring packet. The CSC must send the hiring packet to the Payroll Office.

Troubleshooting time entry problems

  • Make sure you are using the latest job aid (Student Assistant Enter Time Worked and Print Pay Voucher found above).
  • Use Internet Explorer (recommended browser). Clear the cache in Internet Explorer (Tools > Internet Options > Temporary Internet Files > click Delete Cookies, Delete Files, etc. > then click OK). Turn off pop-up blocker (IE > Tools > Popup Blocker).
  • Enter time in 24 hour format or use AM and PM. Use In/Out fields for days with no break. Include lunch and second-in time for breaks or meals.
  • Click Submit at the bottom of the screen after entering your hours.

Troubleshooting pay voucher problems

  • When running the report to print your pay voucher, if you have multiple jobs on campus make sure you are running the report for the correct job (Empl Rec Nbr).
  • Only the person with department signature authority (a Signature Authorization form on file in the Payroll Office) is allowed to sign your pay voucher.
  • When the time is approved by the CSUMB Payroll Office it can no longer be modified in CMS Student/HR. Modifications need to be made using the Student Time Adjustment Report (found above).