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Our Promise: California State Employees Giving at Work

Why give?

Our Promise - California State Employees Giving at work logo

Our Promise: California State Employees Giving at Work (formerly CSECC) was established in 1957 to provide a single charitable fund-raising drive in the State community. Our Promise offers California State employees the opportunity to utilize payroll deduction to support charitable organizations they feel passionate about. The California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board provides oversight of this campaign and the enabling regulations are found in the California Administrative Code.

Last year our campus raised $16,100 for non-profits in Monterey County and had a 9% participation rate – outstanding! We, as a university community, continue to show how much we care. I applaud your generosity and encourage your continued participation. Your gift will not only make you feel good, it also shows the public that we at CSUMB care and are committed to making our community stronger...together.

Weekly Prize Winners

  • Jill Ostrie - Student Services
  • Doris Weilenmann - University Police
  • Jennifer Stone - IT Project Management Office
  • Stacie Russo - University Police
  • Andrea Dingeldein - Extended Education & International Programs
  • David Collins - Service Learning Institute

Previous winners

  • Laura Tantillo - University Personnel
  • Ron Thompson - Telecommunications
  • Phil Esparza - World Theater

Should I designate the United Way of Monterey County or my own nonprofit(s)?

Our Promise partners with the United Way to administer the state annual campaign. The Donor Resource Guide provides details about the program and partnering organizations. We each have the option of designating our gift go to either the United Way of Monterey County or our own favorite non-profit(s).

The Our Promise pledge form

CA Government Code (Section 13923) requires that each State employee be provided a pledge form giving each employee the opportunity to make a one time donation or to make monthly donations through payroll deduction. All forms (even if you decline) are due Friday, October 26 to April L. Lee.

Have more questions? Please contact your Our Promise Department Coordinator or one of the CSUMB Coordinators: Caroline Haskell (x3989) or April Lee (x3532).

Please contact the State Donor Resource Line (888) TO-DO-GOOD (888-863-6466) for campaign related assistance.

California State Employees Giving At Work (Our Promise)

Pledge Form and list of Participating Organizations

FAQ's (from State)