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Department of Marine Science

List of Parts and Supplies

The C-DEBI Catalina ROV is based on parts and materials that were available in local hardware stores or could be purchased over the Internet during the 2011-2012 academic year. Availability will undoubtably change over time and from location to location. Nonetheless, these plans should remain useful as a starting point and guideline, even if you need to make a few creative substitutions for parts or materials not available to you.

The specific parts, materials, and tools needed to build each part of the ROV are listed under the instructions for building each subsystem, but here’s a quick overview with approximate prices at the time we originally made the ROV.

Summary of parts costs

Parts Our Approximate Cost
Bilge pump cartridges, model boat propellers, and shaft couplers to build four thrusters. $120
GoPro HD video camera with flat port dive housing $250
GoPro breakout board and connector for custom video streaming circuit $50
3 Nebo Larry LED flash lights and acrylic tubing/glue to make underwater lights $60
1/2" PVC pipe, fittings, and miscellaneous hardware from which to make frame, including floats $110
2 Pololu TReX motor controllers $210
Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick with twist control $40
Electronic box with miscellaneous electrical components $130
HDPE 12" x 18" cutting board (used as base for pilot’s console) $20
Pyle 7" TFT monitor $70
12v 12Ah Valve-regulated AGM Sealed Lead-Acid battery $60
18 gallon storage tote $20
Tether materials (250' speaker wire, 50' Cat 5E, aquarium tubing, spiral wrap, connectors $180
Miscellaneous screws, paint, glue, sandpaper, and other consumables $50
Total cost of parts and supplies $1400