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Nanzan University

Application Deadlines 2019-2020

Fall: February 25

Spring: TBD

These deadlines apply only to the Pre-acceptance phase. The Post-acceptance phase must be completed by the mandatory Education Abroad pre-departure orientation.

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Nanzan University
Nanzan University
Nanzan University
Nanzan University

Program Details

About Nanzan University

Nanzan University is located in the heart of Japan, in and around the city of Nagoya. It started as a college of foreign languages 1946, grew into a single Faculty of Arts and Letters in 1949 and has since grown into a fully-fledged university with a worldwide reputation for academic excellence. Established with the underlying philosophy of "For Human Dignity", it is the only Catholic coeducational university in the Chubu region.

The city of Nagoya is the center of industry, information, culture, and transportation in central Japan. AS one of Japan's largest cities, Nagoya is home to over 2,300,000 people, while the Greater Nagoya Areas boasts a population of over seven million. There are always plenty of opportunities to experience new things, such as the latest fashion, art, or entertainment.

Considering all tha Nagoya has to offer, the cost of living is much cheaper than that of Tokyo or Osaka. If you get tired of the city, you can be by the sea or in the mountains in less that an hour's drive by car. All in all, Nagoya is one of the most welcoming and comfortable cities in Japan to live in.

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