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Groupe EDH (EFAP, EFJ and ICART)

Application Deadlines 2019-2020

Fall: May 2, 2019

Spring: October 26, 2018

These deadlines apply only to the Pre-acceptance phase. The Post-acceptance phase must be completed by the mandatory Education Abroad pre-departure orientation.

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L'école des Métiers de la Communication
L'école des Métiers de la Communication

Program Details

About EFAP School of Communication

For more than 50 years, EFAP, France’s first school of communication, has been shaping the nation’s best communicators so that they are capable of adapting themselves to a world in continuous movement.

Becoming a part of EFAP is to become part of an exceptional network of more than 16,000 graduates in more than 50 countries across the world as soon as you leave the school. These are graduates who are confident, autonomous, and the best prepared to manage change while innovating and communicating.

Campuses in Paris, Lille, Lyon and Bordeaux!

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