Math Bootcamp

What is math bootcamp?

Math Bootcamp is a 2 unit Early Start course offered exclusively to CSUMB admitted students.

You'll get five days (Tuesday - Saturday) of math instruction from our faculty, from 9 a.m to 4 p.m.

You'll review the math skills you'll need to be successful in college.

At the end of bootcamp, you will be take an assessment that will place you into the correct level of math.

Bootcamp offers you the opportunity to review math skills and enter a higher level of math if you do well.



Includes: course fees and materials.

Some students may qualify for a fee waiver.

*Students with confirmed Fall 2017 on-campus housing qualify for early arrival housing and meals for the duration of the Math Bootcamp, with no additional cost.

Why take math bootcamp?

CSUMB encourages all incoming freshman who need to participate in Early Start Math to enroll in the Math Bootcamp. This course is unique to our campus and offers you a fantastic opportunity to fulfill some or all of your math remediation, familiarize yourself with your new campus, and provides you a chance to get to know fellow otters a few days early.

You will find enrollment instructions on the How to register page and course listings are published on the Extended Education Website; the Bootcamp Course Registration Number is 30469.