Early Start

Do I need Early Start?

Who must participate in Early Start?

Math English
Score of 510 or below on mathematics section of the new College Board SAT Test
Score of 500 or below on evidence-based reading and writing section of College Board SAT Reasoning Test (new SAT
Score of 19 or below on the mathematics portion of the ACT
Score of 18 or below on the English portion of the ACT
OLD SAT: 480 or below
OLD SAT: 450 or below
Weighted HS Math GPA below 3.0 (Non-STEM majors)*
Weighted HS GPA below 3.0
Weighted HS Math GPA Below 3.3 (STEM Majors)*
Students who may have scored higher on the above tests but did not take a year of math above Algebra II in 12th grade

* STEM majors at CSUMB are: Biology, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Technology and Policy, Marine Science, and Mathematics