What is Early Start?

Early Start is a CSU initiative that requires incoming students who do not demonstrate readiness for college-level math and/or English to begin remediation during the summer before coming to any CSU. All students who are required to remediate for English and/or math are also required to complete an Early Start summer course. Students who have also earned a CSU status of conditionally ready, may also need to complete Early Start if they are not enrolled in and pass the appropriate senior level math and or english course(s). The goals of Early Start are to better prepare students in math and English before their first semester of college, which will improve their odds of completing a college degree.

Please note Early Start and remediation requirements are two different requirements. Early Start must be completed during the summer prior to enrollment. Remediation must be completed in the 1st academic year.

For Information about Early Start at all CSU Campuses, please visit CSU Early Start.

The basics of Early Start

  • The program takes place the summer before the freshmen year.
  • Upon admission, CSU campuses will inform students who are not exempt, how and where to sign up for Early Start.
  • All admitted, confirmed students will be allowed to make a Smart Page selection in their Student Service Center; by making a selection you are letting us know where you plan on completing your mandatory Early Start requirement.
  • Early Start math and English courses will be available at every CSU campus.
  • Financial aid will be available for those who qualify and demonstrate need.