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Allymyr Atrero

Cross Cultural Ctr Coord Progr
Otter Student Union

Contact information

(831) 582-4676

Building & room

Student Center


Allymyr (ally-MEER) is from the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona, where the seasons consist of hot and less hot. She lived in Tucson for 7 years while attending The University of Arizona. Although she originally had intentions to pursue pharmacy school, she found a great love for supporting first-generation college students and students of color through her involvement in the cultural resource centers and affiliated mentor programs. It was through her connection to the cultural centers that motivated her to obtain her Masters in Higher Education at The University of Arizona.

During Allymyr's graduate assistantship at the Asian Pacific American Student Affairs, she worked with staff from other cultural resource centers to address issues of food insecurity, access to mental health services, and intersectional programming. She is a firm believer in sharing and connecting culture through food and dialogue.