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Meal Plans

2019-2020 Residential Meal Plans

Students living in a Residence Hall will be required to purchase a Residential Meal Plan (Excludes: Promontory, East Campus Housing and Strawberry Apartments). You select your resident meal plan on your housing application.

Continuous Meal Plans

These plans offer Unlimited access to the Dining Commons, plus Dining Dollars to use at the retail outlets.

Plan Cost Access to the Dining Commons Dining Dollars
Seaside 7*$2,1757 Days a week Continuous Dining – Unlimited access$125
Seaside 5*$2,1755 Days a week Continuous Dining – Unlimited access Monday – Friday$325 

Block Meal Plans

These Meal Plans offer a certain number of meals in the Dining Commons each semester, plus Dining Dollars. Meals can be exchanged for a $5 value at any dining retail area.

Plan Cost Meals Dining Dollars
Waves 215*$2,175215$500
Waves 150$1,700150$325
Waves 120$1,700120$525

*First year students must enroll in one of the these meal plans

- All unused Waves 215 Dining Plan Meals will roll over from Fall 2019 to Spring 2020 providing you have a Spring 2020 Residential Dining Plan.

- All Dining Plan Meals will expire at the end of the respective Academic Year.

2019-2020 Commuter Meal Plans

Plan Cost Meals Dining Dollars
Otter Plan$65065$175
Monterey Plan$41540$125
Bay Plan$36030$125
Dunes Plan$23020$75
Add on Meals$60100
Add on Dining Dollars$500$55 (Bonus $5 in Dining Dollars)
Buy a Commuter Meal Plan or Add-ons

Meal Plan Requirements and Terms

  • All students living in Residence Halls and Suites (Cypress, Asilomar, Willet, Manzanita, Yarrow, Avocet, Tortuga, Sanderling, Pinnacles and Vineyard) must have one of the required Residential Meal Plans listed above. East Campus, Promontory and Strawberry Apartments are not require to have the residence hall plans, but we recommend purchasing a residential or commuter plan.
  • Unlimited Meal Plans (Seaside plans) cannot be exchanged for retail value.
  • Students may use a Block Meal plan at any dining retail outlet on campus. The exchange rate is $5 for each block. No meal block equivalency under Seaside 7 or Seaside 5. Meal block equivalency will be allowed under Waves 215, Waves 150 and Waves 120 with a limit of 3 per meal period.
  • Students can switch, upgrade or downgrade, meal plans through the first two weeks of school. The final date to make a change will coincide with the last day to request a room change in the residence halls. Students may only change to a plan that meets the requirement in the housing contract.
  • Guests will not be subject to sales tax on purchases when using their Dining Dollars.
  • If the housing and/or required dining plan is cancelled by a student the refund policy will be in accordance with the housing contract. Refunds will be based on a prorated rate in conjunction with the housing contract.
  • As a part of the university housing contracts, Freshmen living on campus must have either the “Seaside 7” Seaside 5” or “Waves 215” plans (The 7 or 5 day Unlimited Meal Plans, or the 215 Block Meal Plan).
  • All unused Fall Commuter Meal plan tenders can only roll over to a Spring, if and only if one has a Spring Commuter meal plan on file but all will expire at the end of the Spring Semester.
  • All unused Fall Mandatory meal plan tenders can only roll over to Spring, if and only if one has a Spring Mandatory meal plan on file but all will expire at the end of the Spring Semester.

Guest Meals

  • Each residential meal plan will be provided five (5) Dining Commons guest passes per semester; Guest passes are in addition to the plan’s Dining Commons access.
  • Dining Dollars and Otter Bucks are also accepted to purchase guest meals.

Add-on blocks

  • Students, faculty and staff can purchase Add-on blocks for both residential meal plans and commuter meal plans. Add on blocks are priced at 10 blocks for $60. These blocks will expire at the end of the Spring Semester. Dunes Plan expires Friday, December 20.
  • Add-on blocks can only be added by guests that have already purchased a meal plan.
  • Additional Dining Dollars can be added to either residential or commuter meal plans; however, Otter Bucks can be added at any time throughout the year, as mentioned below.

Voluntary/Commuter plans

  • The current Commuter Meal Plans (previously called voluntary plans) can be purchased by any CSUMB student, faculty or staff. An active campus ID card is required to purchase a meal plan
  • Guests may not have a residential meal plan prior to purchasing a Commuter Meal Plan
  • Meal blocks, Add-ons meals and Dining Dollars on all meal plans roll from fall to Spring, but will expire at the end of the Spring Semester.


  • Students, faculty and staff can purchase Otter Bucks at any time on the CSUMB Website and this money can be used at the bookstore and all dining facilities.

Expiring Meals

  • All Fall 2019 meal plans and their tenders will expire and be removed from all accounts at the end of the semester on Sunday, December 22.

Dining Services

(831) 601-1030