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Deadlines for Academic Year 2019-20

Deadlines for Back On Track Fall Semester 2019

1. Fri. Sept. 6, 2019 - Complete the Back On Track iLearn tutorial

2. Fri. Sept. 6, 2019 - Call to schedule an appointment with your Back On Track Advisor (see who your BOT Advisor is below) and with your Academic Advisor to update your Learning Plan. 831-582-3937

EOP, Athletes, TRIO and Camp students Back On Track Advisors are your program Retention Advisors.

List of Back On Track Advisors:

CHHS-Esmeralda Maldonado HCOM-Gladys Cabadas SBS, GS, SPAN-Tasneem Mohamed MATH, STAT, ESTU- Diana Valle VPA, MUSIC, CART- Karen Wallace

Transfer Students in BIO, CS, MSCI, ESTP, KIN - Jacinto Salazar Other students in BIO, MSCL, ESTP - Sharon Anderson

All other Back On Track students in any major not listed above - Ardith Tregenza

Center for Student Success

(831) 582-3615