Course description

Students develop a research-driven, scientifically rigorous case study that includes a theory section with hypotheses students test as part of their research. A robust literature review and interviews of external stakeholders completed by students inform the case study. Lectures, critical thinking exercises, readings on the scientific method, analyses of exemplary case studies, and resources and activities on effective written and oral communication provide students with a framework. [Prereq: (GE Areas A1 and A2 and A3) and (BIO 230 or BIO 211 or BIO 240) and (ENVS 283 or GE Area D2) and (Junior or Senior Standing)]

Units: 4

Fall 2018 sections

Section: 1
Number: 42077
Units: 4
Seats: 24/24
  • Monday, Wednesday 2 – 3:50 pm
    Library - 1173