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What's New?

Summary of changes effective July 1, 2018:

On Chartfields the Authorized signer amounts are now unlimited, unless an amount other than $15,000 or $14,999 is indicated. Dual signatures are no longer required on purchases greater than $15,000 unless otherwise indicated.

All Accounts Payable forms (except Chartfields) can be used by any Auxiliary Organization business unit.

All Accounts Payable forms (except Chartfields) can be submitted via email.

Personal Reimbursements, TECs and Procurement Card reconciliations can now be submitted via scan, no wet signatures or original receipts will be required. While scanned signatures and receipts will be accepted, original receipts are still encouraged. Original receipts may be requested by Accounting until payment is issued or expenses are reconciled.

  • Personal Reimbursements still require receipts, regardless of dollar value. Keep originals until payment has been issued to payee.
  • Travel Expense Claims, single purchases under $75, no longer require a receipt. This does not change the $55 per 24 hour meal limit (with overnight stay). Keep originals until payment has been issued to payee.
  • Procurement Card reconciliations still require receipts regardless of dollar value. Originals should be kept by the department for 90 days.

Special Note: If you are managing a grant or contract, the new receipt guidelines mentioned above are superseded by the stricter receipt or support requirements of the grant or contract. Please familiarize yourself with your grant or contract financial or invoicing requirements.

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