University Communications

Internal communications

Student dashboard

Employees are welcome to request that events and news stories be featured on the student dashboard. They must have brand-appropriate images to be featured. Only four items can appear at a time.

Student Request Form

Example of dashboard events

Screenshot: Event section of the student dashboard

Example of dashboard news

Screenshot of the news section on the student dashboard

Otter Be Involved

Employees are welcome to submit content to the official weekly student news and events email, Otter Be Involved.

CSUMB has an efficient system for distributing information to students. Based on a tiered approach for action items and relevant information, the Student Communications Working Group, in consultation with relevant Cabinet members, determine the channel and frequency of delivery. We welcome all submissions to Otter Be Involved, the dashboard, and the events calendar with a broad appeal to CSUMB students. Otter Be Involved publishes every Monday. Submissions are due Thursday by noon. 

Student Request Form