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The CSUMB logo brings together three components of the university’s broader identity, the head and paws of a sea otter (the CSUMB mascot); an icon of the university seal (the university’s official stamp of authority); and the university’s full name stacked in two lines with emphasis given to our location.

wide and round version of the official logo

The "up front" rule

The CSUMB logo (either wide or round) should be used in all external communications – on the cover of each print publication or digital document, on the homepage, and at the start of each video or multimedia piece. It should never be recreated, typeset, flipped vertically or flipped horizontally. Whenever possible, you should link back to to provide a pathway to non-linear exploration of the university.

Note: The official athletics logo can also be used to meet the up front rule.

Internal communications

Once the upfront rule is established, you can be derivative with the CSUMB logo.

For example, for on-campus communications the upfront rule is followed when you see a sign upon entering campus; then you can show just the Sea Otter's head in a building graphic.

If possible, you should continue to use the elements of original CSUMB logo, including font and graphic elements.


The minimum logo width for print publication is 2 inches at 300-dpi. The minimum logo width for web/digital medium is 240 pixels at 72-dpi.

Clear Space

The minimum clear space on all sides of the logo is defined as the height of the M. It should be maintained as the logo is proportionally enlarged or reduced in size.

CSUMB Logo – Minimum Clear Space


The Bay Blue logo is to be used on lighter backgrounds and images that are solid enough to not compromise legibility of the logo.

The white logo is to be used on Bay Blue and images that are solid enough to not compromise legibility of the logo.

Logo Downloads

Note: Downloads are available for on-campus users only. Contact if you are working on a project that requires a high-resolution version of the official logo.

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