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2020 Affinity Graduation Celebrations

Affinity Graduation Celebrations honor the accomplishments and experiences of CSUMB graduates from historically underrepresented communities. There are eight CSUMB Affinity Graduation Celebrations for graduating students: Asian, Pacific Islander (API) Grad; Black Grad; Chicanx/Latinx Grad; Native American Grad; Students with Disabilities Grad; Rainbow (LGBTQ+) Grad; Undoc-U (Undocumented) Grad; and Veteran Student Grad.

Affinity Graduation Celebrations

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Affinity Graduations Celebration Spring 2019 Photos

Asian and Pacific Islander Grad Photos Black Grad Photos Chicanx/Latinx Grad Photos Native American Grad Photos Rainbow Grad Photos Students With Disabilities Grad PhotosUndocu-Grad Photos Veteran Grad Photos