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2019 Affinity Graduation Celebrations

The Affinity Graduation Celebrations honor the accomplishments and experiences of CSUMB graduates from historically underrepresented backgrounds. Affinity Grads are free for graduates, their guests, and the campus community. There are eight CSUMB Affinity Graduation Celebrations for graduating students, they are: Asian, Pacific Islander (API) Grad; Black Grad; Chicanx/Latinx Grad; Native American Grad; Students with Disabilities Grad; Rainbow (LGBTQ+) Grad; Undoc-U (Undocumented) Grad; and Veteran Student Grad. The ceremony and stoles are free of cost for students and guests. To get involved or for more information, please email

Affinity Graduations Celebration Spring 2019 Photos

Asian and Pacific Islander Grad Photos Black Grad Photos Chicanx/Latinx Grad Photos Native American Grad Photos Rainbow Grad Photos Students With Disabilities Grad PhotosUndocu-Grad Photos Veteran Grad Photos

Sign up for 2020 Affinity Graduation Committees

If you are a student, alumni, faculty or staff looking to get involved and plan one or more of the Affinity Grads, please sign up using the form below.

2020 Affinity Grad Committee Form

Affinity Graduation Celebrations

Black Grad

2020 Dates: TBD

Chicanx/Latinx Grad

2020 Dates: TBD

Native American Grad

2020 Dates: TBD

Rainbow Grad

2020 Dates: TBD