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Step-by-Step Process

  1. Choose Internship Type (Paid vs. Unpaid, level, visit Monterey Bay Internship Portal for examples)
  2. Submit Internship Form (Based on this information, we'll create the internship description)
  3. Review Internship Description (Once approved, your opportunity will be posted)
  4. Review Applications
  5. Schedule Interviews
  6. Hire Candidate

Do you have an Internship Opportunity?


5-20 hours/week

Responsibilities: Completed with full training and guidance from a supportive mentor.


5-20 hours/week

Responsibilities: Completed with minimal training and guidance from a supportive mentor.

Tips for a Successful Internship Experience

  • Treat this hiring process as you would for other employees.
  • Consider having an on-campus interview as well as an off-campus interview to see your candidates in their school environment and beyond.
  • Conduct a company orientation for your new intern.
  • Plan to provide consistent guidance for your intern’s time use.

Internship Mentoring Tips

  • Mentor and Intern design the responsibilities and projected learning outcomes.
  • Mentor and Intern meet weekly for feedback and guidance.
  • Mentors share regular progress reports with interns.
  • Mentors share final evaluations with interns.
  • Mentors offer professional guidance and encouragement related to socializing and networking in the organization and/or industry.

To provide a hospitality internship, contact Dr. John Avella at or (831) 582-3725.




Telephone: (831) 582-5220

Location: Joel & Dena Gambord BIT Building, Room 313