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CMEP Mission

Student diving


CMEP supports basic research to increase our understanding of coastal and marine ecosystems from coastal wetlands to the open ocean and deep sea. Modern technological and Social Science approaches are employed in CMEP research which also informs conservation and management of coastal and marine resources at regional and national levels. CMEP research efforts are paired with education and outreach programs that engage diverse stakeholder groups and, train a new generation of ocean scientists.


Employing advanced technological and modern Social Science approaches CMEP research aims to increase our understanding of coastal and marine ecosystems while also helping improve management of critical coastal and marine resources. CMEP research supports three key research priorities as outlined by the National Ocean Service:

  • Coastal Resilience
  • Coastal Intelligence
  • Place Based Conservation


CMEP education programs are designed to engage a diverse array of public and private stakeholder groups as part of efforts to create an informed citizenry around issues surrounding ocean science research and management. Our education programs provide ongoing professional development for science professionals and educators while providing training for the next generation of ocean scientists. CMEP education efforts are allocated across the following areas:

  • Public outreach-Professional Development
  • Undergraduate and Graduate student training
  • K-12 education

Coastal and Marine Ecosystems Program

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