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CSUMB Bowling

The CSUMB Bowling Club is meant to develop interpersonal relationships with its members while providing basic bowling fundamentals to build the skills needed to soon create an intramural team.

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Cheer (Inactive)

The Purpose of the CSUMB cheer team is to not only bring school spirit to sporting events, but to also show others our love and appreciation for the art of cheerleading.


The goal of the Otter Dance Team is to support our fellow students and athletes by showing school spirit through performances during home sporting events, rallies, and competitions.

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Disc Golf

Disc Golf Clubs mission is to create an environment that welcomes, introduces, and teaches students about the growth and techniques of disc golf.

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MB Sailing

The object of the MB SAILING shall be to promote competitive sailing in the vicinity of CSUMB in particular along Monterey Bay; and to do whatever may be consistent in such promotion.

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Men's Rugby

To organize, advocate, and teach the game of rugby. We seek to provide students with a competitive athletic outlet and build camaraderie amongst the club members. To reach out into the community as young student athletes, and make a difference large then ourselves. Rugby is a barbaric game played by gentlemen but we aren't just playing rugby, we are building young men out of boys.

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Men's Volleyball

To create and foster an interdependent community, promoting excellence in all aspects of student life, through the vehicle of a competitive volleyball team.

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Men's Basketball

The purpose of this organization is to promote transformative change in CSUMB students by allowing them to connect with their peers, play competitive basketball against other organizations at an intercollegiate level, and represent CSUMB.

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Women's Lacrosse

Women's Lacrosse is a club that will expand the knowledge of Lacrosse on campus as well as encourage teamwork and having fun.

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Women's Rugby

To organize, advocate, and teach the game of rugby. To provide students with a competitive athletic outlet. To build camaraderie among the club members. To reach out into the community as young student athletes, and to have a positive social community service learning impact. Rugby is one of the few contact sports for women. When we are not playing rugby we will be building a confidence in our members that will stay with them for years to come.

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