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Online Learning Tips

Weekly tips from tutors, faculty, staff

  • How to break down a writing prompt or exam question

    Look for what the prompt asks you to do. (Hint: Look for verbs.) If it helps you, try color coding different parts of the prompts. Doing this can clearly show you the puzzle pieces of your prompt. Are there requirements you need to include? What are these, and what resources will you need to meet these requirements? Think of questions to "ask" the prompt. This will let you dig deeper into the prompt, and inspire yourself with ideas to talk about. Your prompt doesn't exist in the void! Connect parts of your prompt to class activities. Maybe it relates to a lecture, or a reading; these can be valuable resources. Visit the CLC and work on deconstructing the prompt with a tutor! Watch a 4-minute video demonstrating these steps.

  • Planning for the week ahead.

    Take time at the start of every week to orient yourself with the task to complete by using a planner or google calendar. Input class schedule, assignments and due dates, and most importantly, set time aside to work on those assignments and stick to that schedule! Preparing yourself at the start of every week is a great way to stay on task and to make the best use of your time.

  • Pick a study space, and stick with it!

    Where you study is just as important as what you study! Take some time to set up an efficient space and environment for yourself to go to class and study. Number one tip: if at all possible, pick one space and stick with it. Over time, your brain will catch on that this space means that it's time to work.

  • Orient yourself to virtual tools NOW so you're prepared to engage!

    Know how and where to log in to Canvas and iLearn, Calendar, and Gmail, so you are prepared to virtually engage. If you need help with set up, advanced features, or organization, CLC offers an opportunity to jumpstart your semester with a technology tutor various times throughout the week of August 24.

  • Meet campus offices via video introductions!

    Curious which offices can support you virtually in the fall? Most offices are open for virtual services or assistance. We've compiled video introductions of ourselves for you. Click to "meet" us.

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