The department of Conference and Event Services was created to professionally support meetings, conferences and activities across campus. One of the primary missions was to optimize the usage of CSUMB's facilities on a year round basis. To provide the campus community with the support services necessary to coordinate professional and educational residential and non-residential conferences, meetings, trainings, workshops, and retreats.

What we do

The department processes all non-academic space requests across the entire campus and all academic spaces requests in the University Center. Ninety percent of the support that we supply during the academic year is for internal, campus events. We coordinate the needs for all of these events ranging from Commencement to daily meetings. We ensure that all details including the best available location, parking, catering, custodial, police presence, audiovisual and setup is requested and in place ready for the event. We make sure that everything is ready and running well prior to and during the event. Above and beyond the campus support for internal programs we also are booking and supporting revenue generating external groups throughout the academic year.

The department also handles the contracts, insurance requirements, invoicing and collections for external entities using university space.

During the summer break we are a revenue generating entity for the University Corporation. We accomplish this by bringing external groups to campus. We become the primary users of the residence halls and coordinate the Summer Conference Program. Using any available classroom or meeting space (after Summer classes have been booked) and any available field or gym space (after Athletics has booked), we generate substantial revenue for the university. Last summer we were host to 30 residential groups.