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Volunteer Guidelines

The Catalyst Center is committed to keeping student volunteers and community members safe.

Liability waivers

All student volunteers are required to complete and sign a University Liability Waiver prior to volunteering and participating in any volunteer activities. Participants 18 and under must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

University Liability Waiver must be signed per each volunteer opportunity.

Student clubs, organizations, and groups are to complete and sign a Group Liability Waiver.

Student conduct and policy

Student volunteers are to adhere to CSU Standards for Student Conduct and follow CSU and University Policy during volunteer opportunities presented/promoted by the Catalyst Center, regardless if volunteer opportunity is on or off campus.

Student Conduct matters and issues will be directed to Student Activities and Leadership Development Staff and or Judicial Affairs.

Documenting service

Student volunteer hours are to be documented on an honesty system.

The Catalyst Center will verify disputed reported service hours with site supervisors.

Hours served to fulfill Service Learning requirements are not to be reported using a Catalyst Center Service Log.

Individual students are to document service hours using an Individual Service Log.

Student clubs, organizations, and groups are to document hours using a Group Service Log.

Individual service hours that are documented on a Group Service Log and an Individual Service Log will only be counted once.


Students are to report their philanthropy using a Philanthropy Service Log.

Volunteer recruitment

The Catalyst Center promoting and advertising for volunteers does not guarantee the recruitment of volunteers.

Planning volunteer/service events

Student clubs and organizations seeking the assistance of the Catalyst Center in the planning and production of on or off campus service related event should refer and review the Student Activities and Leadership Development, Student Organization Handbook.

Catalyst Center

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