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AA/T and AS/T Transfer Programs

The Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act (SB 1440 – Padilla), signed into legislation on September 29, 2010, enables the California Community Colleges and California State University to collaborate on the creation of Associate in Arts Degree (AA) and Associate in Science (AS) Degree transfer programs. This law requires community colleges to grant an associate degree for transfer to a student once a student has met specified general education and major requirements for the degree. Upon completion of the associate degree, the student is eligible for transfer with junior standing into the California State University (CSU) system.

Students are given guaranteed admission into the California State University (CSU) system, and further are given priority consideration when applying to a particular program that has accepted the student’s community college major as appropriate preparation for completion of the baccalaureate. The law prohibits the CSU from requiring a transferring student to repeat courses similar to those taken at the community college that counted toward their associate degree for transfer.

The following CSUMB Degree Programs accept AS-T or AA-T certified students:

AA-T / AS-T Program CSUMB Degree Program
AnthropologySocial & Behavioral Sciences, B.A. concentration in Anthropology
Art HistoryVisual & Public Art, B.A.
BiologyBiology, B.S.
BusinessBusiness Administration, B.S.
Child and Adolescent DevelopmentHuman Development & Family Studies, B.A.
Communication StudiesHumanities & Communication, B.A. concentrations in Journalism and Media Studies; Philosophy & Applied Ethics; and Communication Studies
Computer ScienceComputer Science, B.S.
Early Childhood EducationHuman Development & Family Studies, B.A.
Elementary EducationLiberal Studies, B.A., Traditional Pathway
EnglishHumanities & Communication, B.A. concentrations in English Studies; English Subject Matter Preparation; Writing & Rhetoric; and Creative Writing & Social Action
Film, Television, and Electronic MediaCinematic Arts & Technology, B.A.
GeographySocial & Behavioral Sciences, B.A. concentration in Geographic Information Systems
HistoryHumanities & Communication, B.A. concentration in Historical Studies OR Social & Behavioral Sciences, B.A. concentration in Social History
JournalismHumanities & Communication, B.A. concentration in Journalism & Media Studies
KinesiologyKinesiology, B.S.
Law, Public Policy, and SocietyHumanities & Communication, B.A., concentration in Legal Studies.
MathematicsMathematics, B.S.
PhilosophyHumanities & Communication, B.A. concentration in Philosophy & Applied Ethics
PsychologyPsychology, B.A.
Political ScienceSocial & Behavioral Sciences, B.A. concentration in Political Economy
SpanishSpanish Language & Hispanic Cultures, B.A.
SociologySocial & Behavioral Sciences, B.A., concentration in Sociology
Studio ArtVisual & Public Art, B.A.