Sustainable Hospitality Management BS

The Sustainable Hospitality Management major provides students with a broad foundation in hospitality, sustainablity, leadership and management, operations, marketing, and information technology. The major provides students with local, regional, and global perspectives on current and pressing sustainability issues and problems within the hospitality industry.

The central core of the program focuses on the concept of "sustainability plus," going beyond sustainability to address issues in terms of the five-dimensioned lens of People, Ethics, Equity, Planet, and Profit. Students can focus in sustainable hotel, resort, and event management or sustainable ecotourism management. Students gain hands-on knowledge and skills needed to pursue careers in hospitality, including hotels, restaurants, resorts, festivals and events, ecotourism, attractions, and eco-recreation with a focus on "green" jobs in business and industry.

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Required Courses

In order to graduate, you will also need to complete your general education and university requirements.

Complete all of the following courses:

Complete one of the following courses:

To satisfy the requirements of the Sustainable Hospitality Management major, complete one of the following concentrations:

Please note: Twelve (12) of the units taken to complete a concentration (all of which are upper division) may not be used in fulfillment of other minors or concentrations.

Sustainable Ecotourism Management Concentration

Complete all of the following courses:

Sustainable Hotel, Resort, and Event Management Concentration

Complete all of the following courses:

Learning Outcomes

Major Learning Outcome 1

Students will understand and apply the terminology, concepts, theories, and tools of sustainable hospitality management.

Major Learning Outcome 2

Students will produce business writing that meets professional standards.

Major Learning Outcome 3

Students will prepare and deliver professional presentations.

Major Learning Outcome 4

Students will produce a critical analysis of a business scenario including the development of alternatives and recommendations to solve the problem.

Major Learning Outcome 5

Students will analyze data using quantitative tools to support business analysis.