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Social & Behavioral Sciences BA

Our global society presents a complex picture of human conditions that can be examined politically, economically, culturally, historically, socially, technologically, and behaviorally. In the Social & Behavioral Sciences major, you will gain knowledge and skills that are necessary for solving many of the world's most pressing social problems.

We integrate seven social scientific fields of study to help you understand the full range of tools social scientists may use to develop innovative solutions. You will also specialize in one of these social sciences to acquire a deeper understanding of some of those tools. We have a special preparation track for those who wish to become high school teachers. In addition, you have the opportunity to take courses in related majors such as Psychology and Global Studies.

Social scientists work in education, business, law, government, non-governmental organizations and civil society at local, national, and global levels, helping to shape discussions and affect positive change through teaching, research, and service.