Requirements for Students AA-T Certified in English

Download the CCC TMC for English

If you transferred into CSUMB as an AA-T-certified student in English, you must complete the following courses for your bachelor's degree in Humanities & Communication at CSUMB. If you are unsure about your transfer status, please talk to an advisor. All English Subject Matter Preparation students should consult Dr. Jennifer Fletcher or the HCOM Advisor prior to registration.

Complete ALL of the following courses:

Complete ONE of the following Service Learning courses:


To complete the requirements of this degree, select one of the following three concentrations and complete the courses. Unless otherwise indicated, students must complete one approved research or theory intensive course, indicated as (RTI) in the course lists below.

Students may not double count an HCOM core course and a concentration course, nor may they double count a concentration course for a required area within the major core.

English Subject Matter Preparation

Complete ONE of the following Technology in the Humanities courses:

Complete the following course for the area of Literary Analysis:

Complete the following course for the area of Language, Linguistics, and Literacy:

Complete the following course for the area of Composition and Rhetoric:

Complete the following course for the area of Speech, Media, and Creative Performance:

English Studies

Complete ONE course from each of the following four areas:

Global Literary Studies

Multicultural Literary Studies

Writing and Rhetoric

Narrative Analysis and Film

Creative Writing & Social Action

Complete the following course:

Complete THREE of the following Creative Content courses:

NOTE: ONE of the three Creative Writing Content courses may be selected from the following list:

University and CSU Requirements

Students must also demonstrate second language proficiency through the 201 level. Learn more about CSUMB's Language Proficiency Requirement.

If you need to begin language study at the 101 level, consult your department chair to determine your 60 unit pathway.

The CSU requires each student receiving a baccalaureate degree to be knowledgeable about the Constitution of the United States, American history, and state and local government. Courses fulfilling this requirement are identified in the catalog, and will also meet an Area D2 GE requirement.