Kinesiology BS

Professions in Kinesiology are among the fastest growing in the world. Individuals, corporations, and government entities have come to recognize that the fitness, health, and well-being of individuals creates the foundation for the success of our society and economy. By providing you with knowledge, skills and abilities, our Kinesiology faculty and staff will help prepare you to pursue a number of enjoyable professions, and post-graduate opportunities.

The Kinesiology major develops comprehensive expertise in the human body's development and functions, the roles of physical movement in growth and learning, and the methods for improving and maintaining a high quality of life and personal wellness at every age.

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Required Courses

Special Requirements

If you transferred into CSUMB as an AS-T-certified student in Kinesiology, please see the AS-T certified requirements.

If you are unsure about your transfer status, please talk to a Kinesiology faculty advisor as soon as possible.

All other Kinesiology majors, see below.

Standard Requirements

In order to graduate, you will also need to complete your general education and university requirements.

Complete all of the following core courses:

Complete one of the following concentrations:

Please note: Twelve (12) of the units taken to complete a concentration (all of which are upper division) may not be used in fulfillment of other minors or concentrations.

Exercise Science Concentration

Complete all of the following courses:

Wellness Concentration

Complete the following courses:

Complete two of the following courses, not previously taken:

Learning Outcomes

MLO 1: Knowledge of Kinesiology

Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental content, principles, and issues common in the field of kinesiology, including exercise science and wellness. Demonstrate the ability to use diverse methods of inquiry to analyze kinesiology related issues.

MLO 2 Multi-cultural Competency & Civic Engagement

Demonstrate the ability to deliver kinesiology content by communicating effectively across culturally diverse populations within the context of issues related to social responsibility, justice, diversity, pluralism, and compassion.

MLO 3 Professional Responsibility & Application

Demonstrate the ability to articulate, collaborate, and motivate others in diverse settings and communities utilizing concepts from kinesiology and related fields.

MLO 4 Subject Matter Competency in Kinesiology

Demonstrate the ability to evaluate and disseminate advanced topics in either the field of Exercise Science or Wellness by completing up to 30 credits within one of the two KIN concentrations (Exercise Science and Wellness).