Geology courses

GEOL 210: Introduction to Earth Science

Focuses on earth science content and scientific investigation and experimentation abilities required for the multiple-subject teaching credential. Topics include Earth's atmosphere and water, structure and composition of the solid Earth, processes that change the Earth (with emphasis on plate tectonics and California geology), Earth's resources, and Earth's place in the solar system and universe.

Units: 3 — 3

GEOL 260: Geology/Hydrology

Lecture and field-based course introducing geology and hydrology in the context of natural hazards and natural resources. Includes plate tectonics, mineral and rock ID, rock structure, geologic time, landslides, earthquakes, flooding, soil, rivers, and water resources. Students gain topographic survey experience. Field-intensive course. [Prereq: (MATH 130: Precalculus (5 units) or MATH 150: Calculus I (4 units)) and (CHEM 110: Chemistry I (4 units) or CHEM 109: Introductory Chemistry (4 units) or PHYS 121: Integrated Physical Science (3 units))]

Units: 4 — 4

GEOL 360: Geomorphic Systems

This is a lecture and field-based course introducing landscape monitoring and analysis. Topics include theories of landscape equilibrium and evolution, weathering, erosion, hillslope processes, river processes, landslides, active tectonics, coastal processes, and coastal response to climate change. These theories are applied to natural hazard topics and restoration of disturbed lands. May include one or more weekend field trips. Field-intensive course. (Prereq: GEOL 260: Geology/Hydrology (4 units))

Units: 4 — 4

GEOL 460: River Hydrology, Assmt&Monitor

Lecture and field-based course introducing advanced topics in watershed processes. Students apply the theories of hydrology, flood frequency, hydraulics, and sediment transport to topics in watershed and river management. Students gain experience in hydrologic and geomorphic monitoring techniques. May include one or more weekend field trips. Field-intensive course. (Prereq: GEOL 360: Geomorphic Systems (4 units))

Units: 4 — 4