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For instructors

iLearn is a virtual classroom used at CSUMB to house and provide access to readings, videos, assignments, web links, quizzes, grades and other learning resources. Use iLearn to supplement your face-to-face course, or to teach entirely online, if approved.

  • Why can't my students see my course?

    You have to make your course available to your students From the pull-down menu bar at the top, go to Course Administration block>Edit Settings>Visibiility:Show.

    Why can't students see some of my weeks in my course?

    Each week (and each item within a week) can be individually hidden from student view. Turn editing on and to the right of the item see a closed and open eyes. Click on them to change.

    I am getting swamPed with emails from iLearn forums

    iLearn allows users to be sent emails whenever someone posts to a forum. This can be useful for students who don't want to have to check into their courses, unless something new is posted. However, it can create a deluge of emails.

    Users can stop the forum emails by changing their preferences under their Profile in iLearn.

    1. Log into iLearn, and click on your name at the top right of the screen.
    2. Click on the tab, "Edit Profile"
    3. Change the default setting under Forum auto-subscribe to "No: don't automatically subscribe me to forums."
    4. Click on the button, "Update this Profile" located at the bottom of the screen.

    To stop automatic emails from forums you are already subscribed to, you must go into each of those forums, and click on the link "Unsubscribe to this forum."

    Also, the instructor can change their forums and where it says, "Force everyone to be subscribed?" can select "Subscriptions not allowed." But that would also prevent those students who do want to get automatic emails!

    How can I prevent emails from being sent when students post assignments?

    Go into the Assignment and edit settings. Under Notifications, change to "No"

    The assignment inbox feedback does not work.

    If you override the Assignment inbox by changing the grade instead in the Gradebook, you can no longer change either the grade or your comments from within the Assignment inbox area. You can still change them from the Gradebook area. Also, overriding the grade in the Gradebook may cause how your feedback appears back in the Assignment inbox window to be messed up. But, it all appears correctly for your students...just jumbled for you!

    How do I remove students from my course who are no longer enrolled?

    If a student has officially dropped your course, as shown in the roster in PeopleSoft/CMS Student Information System, iLearn will remove them within 24 hours. There is no way to manually remove them.

    What is the best way to email the students in my course?

    iLearn does allow you to email some or all of your class, and the emails go individually to their official email accounts without getting labeled as spam.

    You will need to install the Quickmail block. In your course, turn Editing on. Choose Add a Block > Choose Quickmail > Compose a new message.

    But instead of emailing them...a more reliable practice is to post your announcement or message in your course, and make it the responsibility of the students to check your course daily.

    How can I use iLearn to schedule office hours?

    Use the Choice Tool under Add Activities. It will allow you students to sign up for a slot for office hours. Or you can also use it for having students self-select for groups or topics in your course! Or create a shared Google doc with the setting s that "Anyone at CSUMB with this link can view" and then also allow for editing. Post that link in your course. Students click the link and go to the document and sign up.