Center for Academic Technologies

Canvas Pilot Project

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UPDATE: As of November, 2018, CSUMB has decided to remain with Moodle.

In 2017, at the request of the CIO and with the guidance of the Senate Technology Committee (STC), CSUMB committed to a review of Learning Management Systems (LMS) to review the options, toolsets, user-interaction, and accessibility of LMS platforms. This task was undertaken by CAT in conjunction with the STC.

It is a known "best-practice" to evaluate systems and tools as appropriate every 3 to 5 years. With the rapid changes in technology, user-interfaces, shifting demographics of student and faculty population, combined with the emerging role of the LMS as a central and integral part of the teaching and learning process, this project is both timely and necessary.

Core Outcomes

  • This project is about the viability of the system ; positives and deltas should be discussed and analyzed objectively. The pilot is planned for the Spring 2018 term, with the possibility of extending.
  • Student and faculty success are paramount!
  • Institutional needs for data and analytics should be taken into consideration
  • As the CSUMB budget is aligned with strategic priorities, the future LMS return-on-investment should be similarly aligned.