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Lunch and Learn Information Sessions

L&L Information Sessions are great for employers and university recruiters looking for specialized programming. These sessions provide you with the opportunity to share an overview about your company or institution along with career pathways that are offered.

Employers and University Representatives get a chance to meet and talk with students about career opportunities or graduate school programs. L&L Information Sessions are available for $175 per session

L&L Information Sessions includes:

  • Secured location equipped with a projector and components to accommodate media request
  • Email blast to all or specific targeted groups of students
  • Google Form created to help you keep track of sign-ups
  • Parking permit
  • Optional: For an additional cost, on-campus catering is available. Please contact office regarding your interest or questions

*Note: Request for Lunch & Learn Information Sessions must be made two weeks in advance.

Request L&L Info Session

*If you have any questions or want to learn more, contact Priscilla Vallejo at or 831-582-3380

Career Development

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