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Choosing a Major

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What’s your major? What are you going to do when you graduate?

These are the most common questions asked of college students. They can also be two of the most dreaded questions, but they do not have to be. Taking a little time to explore your major and career options will go a long way toward making you more confident in your answers to these questions.

How should you pick a major?

Choose a major you enjoy. Doing so will higher the chances of you succeeding academically and being motivated to take the courses required.

If you are unsure about what you should major in, ask yourself the following questions:

When speaking to peers or classmates what conversations do you participate in enthusiastically? What topics or previous classes were appealing for you?
What challenges or issues have you faced? Can you imagine yourself solving these problems for others in a work environment?
What jobs, hobbies, or volunteer work have you enjoyed? What are you proud and passionate about that you've accomplished so far?
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List the answers to these questions and continue your research:

  1. Search through our Majors & Programs here at CSU Monterey Bay, or at any other colleges.
  2. See what occupations best suit your major in Connect a Major to a Career.
  3. Visit O'NET Online to learn more about a career, it's industry and related fields of work.

If more than one major appeals to you, consider:

  • Declaring a minor in one of the disciplines
  • Taking a few key courses in that major that will meet the learning objectives and skill building plan you have in mind
  • Double majoring

If you remain unsure about your major or career path, try taking the FOCUS Career Finder assessment.

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